New Dior Prestige Complexion Cream

New Dior Prestige Complexion Cream
New Dior Prestige Complexion Cream
New Dior Prestige Complexion Cream

Enhance your skin with Dior Prestige Complexion Cream

The Dior brand is one of the most famous French brands in the world, and for good reason… Nothing is too good for women, and Dior does not hesitate to have its own flowers produced to develop exceptional products. In the gardens of Dior, the rose is often in the spotlight.

It must be said that this is an absolute symbol of femininity. Dior therefore used the silky appearance of its petals as a source of inspiration. This is how the Dior Prestige range was born . Today, this assortment of luxurious products is enriched. Focus on the new Dior Prestige Complexion Cream.

The Dior Prestige collection

First of all, let’s start by recalling what the Dior Prestige collection is. This is an assortment of luxurious products that correlate the excellence of Dior make-up with its skincare expertise. All the products in the Dior Prestige range highlight the power of the Granville rose, a plant specially cultivated for Dior.

The Dior Prestige collection is a concentrate of new patented technologies, and each of the bottles from this range is bursting with nutrients and benefits studied to sublimate the skin day after day. Dior Prestige Complexion Cream is no exception to the rule and does more than just make up your face. It sublimates it over the applications.

The Granville rose by Dior

The entire Dior Prestige range revolves around the use of the Granville rose. It must be said that this flower is a real gem. It is cultivated in the Loire Valley on a terroir specially selected by Dior for its extreme purity and mineral richness.

Growing in exceptional conditions, the Granville rose expresses a vitality twice that of the classic rose. The sumptuous Dior garden brings together no less than 800 organically grown roses, without the slightest contribution of chemical fertilizers. 100% natural active ingredients are extracted from these exceptional plants which are particularly beneficial for the epidermis.

Dior Prestige Complexion Cream

Dior Prestige Complexion Cream is a hybrid product between skincare and makeup. It is a revitalizing and tinted cream, which evens out the skin while making it more beautiful. This product offers a refreshing and plumping action, while revealing a more velvety and beautifully radiant complexion.

The Crème de Teint de Dior comes with a dense and flexible brush, designed to facilitate its application. With this product, Dior guarantees you will obtain an exceptional finish, as silky as that of a rose petal.

The Complexion Cream illuminates the face and complexion in a single pass, while providing it with extreme mattness. To apply it, all you need to do is place a small amount on the back of your hand and take a small amount with your brush. Then, stretch the product from the inside of your face to the outside until you obtain a completely even fade with your skin.

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