New Dior Forever Undercover 24H Full Coverage foundation

New Dior Forever Undercover 24H Full Coverage foundation
New Dior Forever Undercover 24H Full Coverage foundation
New Dior Forever Undercover 24H Full Coverage foundation

Diorskin Forever Undercover, all the excellence of Dior in a foundation

Covering your face with a mattifying powder to correct the color is a very old phenomenon. During Antiquity, the Greeks applied powdered chalk to the face to make it pale. In the Middle Ages, women also spread the epidermis. During the Victorian era, they used another mixture of zinc oxide, mercury, and silver nitrates to whiten their skin. Fortunately, these methods dangerous to health have now disappeared, and foundation has replaced them. Moreover, if the foundation is a fairly recent invention, it still continues to improve. Today, Dior has focused on its outfit and coverage. Focus on the Diorskin Forever Undercover.

The Diorskin Forever Undercover, a foundation with exemplary hold

The Diorskin Forever Undercover Dior is a final product cry that is from the latest cosmetic research operated by Dior. This foundation has an exceptional 24 hour hold. Designed on a water basis, it displays a very fluid texture but nevertheless provides absolutely flawless coverage. In other words, Diorskin Forever Undercover camouflages all imperfections, and offers exceptional opacity and mattness without suffocating your skin. Its lightness is very pleasant and offers a natural finish, like a second skin.

The Diorskin Forever Undercover ensures flawless makeup all day long. Peter Philips, Creative Director of Dior Makeup explains: “Incorporated in a fluid texture, the high concentration of pigments ensures perfect correction of imperfections. What’s new about this high coverage product is that you can’t smell it, and you can’t see it. Its texture is fresh and mat, so that no powder is needed ”. In other words, the Diorskin Forever Undercover brings together two products in one and the same formula.

Tested by dermatological controls, it is suitable for all types of skin. Its water-based formula creates a very fine finish, very pigmented and without any weight on the skin. Finally, Dior’s Diorskin Forever Undercover is available in 24 different shades ranging from very light shades to other much more intense colors. Thus, it is intended for all women in their diversity, and sticks as close as possible to their natural skin tone.

Dior application advice for its new foundation

Like any fluid foundation, Dior’s Diorskin Forever Undercover leaves you free to apply it as you see fit. It can easily be spread directly with a finger or with a brush. Its texture is very easy to diffuse and will thus prevent you from seeing ugly demarcations appear on your face, especially on your neck. Application with the finger provides more transparency, while application with a brush gives a certain opacity. Start by applying the Diorskin Forever Undercover in the center of your face, and then stretch the product outwards, down to your neck. This way, you will stay fresh and beautiful from early morning until nightfall!

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