New Clarins Youth Hand Creams

New Clarins Youth Hand Creams
New Clarins Youth Hand Creams
New Clarins Youth Hand Creams

Enhance your hands and wrap yourself in a scented breath with Clarins Youth Hand Creams

Whether it’s typing on your computer keyboard, doing household chores or facing the cold and UV rays, your hands are not spared! Often neglected, they are very exposed to external aggressions. As a result, they tend to dry out and show ugly cracks. To preserve them, Clarins has therefore developed a Youth Hand Cream. Quickly, this treatment became one of his bestsellers. Today, the brand has therefore decided to reinterpret it and dress it with three scenting ingredients. Focus on the new Clarins Youth Hand Creams with neroli, jasmine or magnolia.

The rich formula of Clarins Youth Hand Cream

Clarins Youth Hand Cream is a soothing and very nourishing treatment. It is enriched with many very rich and protective natural ingredients. Thus, Clarins Youth Hand Cream contains sesame oil, shea butter or fortifying Japanese mulberry. Together, these raw materials act as a real protective shield. This invisible glove preserves the beauty of your hands and protects them from climatic aggressions. Therefore, Clarins Youth Hand Cream protects your skin from premature aging. This treatment has a silky, non-greasy texture. It penetrates very easily into the heart of the epidermis and is absorbed quickly. Therefore, Clarins Youth Hand Cream leaves no sticky feeling behind. It softens and hydrates the skin but also reduces pigment spots. Finally, it regenerates and strengthens the nails. Therefore, it is a true ally of beauty that takes care of the overall shape of your hands, thus providing you with a professional manicure right at home.

The different scents of Clarins Youth Hand Cream

Clarins Youth Hand Cream was first developed without perfume. Nevertheless, to satisfy the desires of femininity of its customers and to offer them ever more pleasure, the brand has decided to decline it in three new scents. Clarins Youth Hand Cream is now available with magnolia, neroli and jasmine.

Magnolia Youth Hand Cream

The magnolia is a small tree native to Asia and North America, famous for its pink or white flowers. However, it is precisely its floral, vanilla and suave scent that we find in Clarins Magnolia Youth Hand Cream. Therefore, this treatment seems to come from fine perfumery and its delicate and slightly lemony flavor can only fill you with happiness.

Neroli Hand Youth Cream

Clarins Neroli Youth Hand Cream takes on more solar accents. Neroli is the name given to the essential oil obtained from the distillation of orange blossom. Therefore, Clarins Neroli Youth Hand Cream has a very Mediterranean flavor. Its scent is at the same time floral, rich, fresh and sweet. In some ways, it recalls the scent of old colognes.

Jasmine Youth Hand Cream

Finally, the Jasmine Youth Hand Cream from Clarins is enriched with the scented breath of one of the most famous flowers in women’s perfumery. This treatment has a rich, sweet and opulent scent, slightly fruity and particularly seductive.

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