New Chanel Le Lait Douceur d’Huile makeup remover

New Chanel Le Lait Douceur d’Huile makeup remover

The Gentle Cleansing Oil Milk, a concentrate of softness and purity signed Chanel

Chanel is one of the biggest beauty brands on the planet. If its notoriety has never faltered over the decades, it is quite simply because it has been able to reinvent itself and adapt to our needs and our environment. However, our skin is currently suffering from new problems, often linked to our increasingly urban world. Indeed, pollution has a considerable impact on our skin surface. It dries it up, dehydrates it, suffocates it and ages it prematurely. To limit these harmful effects, Chanel has therefore designed a new treatment : Lait Douceur d’Huile, a hybrid product between care and make-up remover. This cleansing oil will perfectly complement your cleansing ritual in addition to the Chanel Cleansing Cream Mousse .

The antipollution active ingredients contained in the Gentle Oil Cleansing Milk

Lait Douceur d’Huile is a cleansing product that does more than just get rid of make-up residues on the surface of your skin. It also acts against pollution and therefore contains natural active ingredients with widely recognized properties. Micro blue algae protects your skin from oxidative stress generated by pollution. Extracts of salicornia hydrate and strengthen it throughout the day. Combined together, these ingredients make your face more beautiful and more radiant with every passing day.

The unique texture of Lait Douceur d’Huile by Chanel

At the same time, Lait Douceur d’Huile offers a real sensory experience. Tested under ophthalmological and dermatological control, it is suitable for all skin types and will intoxicate you with its exceptional feeling of softness. On contact with the skin, its milk is transformed into a silky oil. However, Chanel Lait Douceur d’Huile does not leave any greasy sensation behind. It just effectively removes all residues on your skin surface, including long-lasting or waterproof makeup. After its passage, your face is perfectly clean, softer and brighter.

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