New Azzaro for Men: Black Edition

The Edition Noire Azzaro fragrance for men
New Azzaro for Men: Black Edition
New Azzaro for Men: Black Edition

All the Mediterranean spirit of Azzaro pour Homme in a new Black Edition

Azzaro pour Homme is considered by many to be one of the finest essences in men’s perfumery. It has survived the decades and is today considered a great classic in perfumery. Moreover, its notoriety is such that it has earned it multiple revisits. Azzaro pour Homme has thus become in turn an Intense , Elixir, L’Eau or Night Time version. This time the emphasis is on its darker part. So let’s take a closer look at the latest Black Edition of Azzaro for Men.

The spirit of the Azzaro fragrance for men

Azzaro pour Homme is a particularly important fragrance for the Azzaro house. Indeed, it is the very first male juice to have seen the light of day within the brand. What’s more, it remains the brand’s biggest bestseller to this day. It was designed by Loris Azzaro himself and turns out to be a kind of self-portrait. Like his creator, he embodies the image of a solid and reliable man, but gentle and fragile at the same time. After all, isn’t it this contrast that makes all the charm? It is a juice crowned with mystery and sensuality. Azzaro pour Homme is a fragrance with a unique and unforgettable trail. Immediately identifiable, it is a 100% male juice. Azzaro pour Homme does not take half measures. He likes to be noticed, but despite everything, he acquires an unexpected finesse. Like its creator, it symbolizes a masculinity full of brilliance, modernity, refinement and humor. However, it is precisely this unusual spirit that we find in the new version ofAzzaro for Men Black Edition .

The famous bottle of Azzaro pour Homme

Of course, this perfume is immediately identifiable thanks to its bottle. Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire takes the form of its predecessor. It has a pure and original silhouette, perfectly adapted to the gestures and the male grip. It forms a thick block of glass with a stable and solid seat, soaring towards the sky with force and power. On the other hand, its beautiful amber and warm color of yesteryear has now given way to an all-black lacquering. Never mind, Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire displays even greater consistency and absolute elegance!

The new essence of Azzaro for Men Black Edition

Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire is a fragrance for a seductive and confident gentleman. He gives us a charismatic and dark breath, but also deceptively relaxed. As always, he is not meant to go unnoticed. It opens with a very fresh and zesty scent of bitter orange. Then, mugwort, a wild plant typical of the Mediterranean basin, gives this juice a more grassy and bitter side. Finally, the cumin completes this composition with power, and delivers a more aromatic, hot and spicy smell.

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