Multi-Active Jour by Clarins: the ally of a radiant face

Multi-Active Jour by Clarins: the ally of a radiant face
Multi-Active Jour by Clarins: the ally of a radiant face
Multi-Active Jour by Clarins: the ally of a radiant face

Keep a healthy glow with the Multi-Active Jour treatment from Clarins

Having a calm, serene and radiant face is no small task! Fortunately, the big beauty brands are doing everything to help us in this difficult task. Cosmetology research has evolved considerably over the past decades. Clarins is also one of the best brands on the planet, and its expertise is widely recognized today. However, it is precisely to help you keep a healthy glow throughout the year that she has made her Multi-Active Day cream. Both anti-aging and antioxidant, it will help you maintain a fresh and radiant face whatever the circumstances.

Help, fatigue can be read on my face!

Women nowadays have an increasingly frantic pace. The days are intense and require constant attention. Between professional life, family planning, and personal development, it’s a real race against time! However, you don’t necessarily want your fatigue to show on your face. When you are tired, the lymphatic system and the microcirculation tend to slow down. Blood and fluid clumps form under your skin and are more difficult to remove. However, certain areas of the face are particularly thin. They therefore reveal its small skin defects which immediately take the form of bags and dark circles. Likewise, fatigue is also responsible for the premature appearance of wrinkles.

Multi-Active Day cream, the ally of a radiant face

The Multi-Active Jour from Clarins benefits from very advanced technology in the field of cosmetics. It is inspired by the latest scientific advances, and contains many natural active ingredients. Thus, Clarins has used all its knowledge in aromatherapy to put it at the service of your skin. The result is a unique anti-aging treatment that reduces the visibility of the first wrinkles. At the same time, the Multi-Active Day cream from Clarins hydrates the skin and gives it more radiance. It acts from the first pass but amplifies its effects hour after hour. The Multi-Active Daywill give your skin a second youth. Finally, to protect it from everyday attacks, know that it acts as a real shield. From then on, pollution, temperature variations or UV rays will no longer have any impact on your pretty skin.

Our application tips

The Multi-Active Day cream can be used as a daily care or as a mask. We recommend that you apply it directly by hand evenly all over your face. This will protect your skin from the harms of the environment. Do not hesitate to exert some draining pressure on your epidermis. This will stimulate your blood circulation, and maintain the firmness of your skin.


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