Montblanc unveils its latest Legend perfume box

Montblanc unveils its latest Legend perfume box
Montblanc unveils its latest Legend perfume box
Montblanc unveils its latest Legend perfume box

Montblanc signs a new Legend box

The Montblanc house stands out from other perfumers by its origins. Indeed, many are those who first come to us from fashion. For Montblanc, the path has been quite different… Montblanc has first won the hearts of men thanks to its highly prestigious writing tools. Then, inspired by the same luxury codes, Montblanc presented us with a fragrance called Legend , in 2011. Today, this juice is given pride of place in a brand new gift box, something to add even more elegance. in your celebrations!

Legend de Montblanc, the perfume of an elegant man

Legend de Montblanc celebrates the power of manly and refined men. He has in him a part of virtuosity associated with a prestigious and infinitely luxurious aura. This perfume alone seems to bring together all the heritage of this renowned brand. Although looking to the future, it visually evokes the heritage of the brand, and more specifically the Meisterstück, the iconic Montblanc pen. This perfume tells us a story and is thus charged with emotion. It evokes the memory of a writing object adored by the most chic men on the planet. With him, everything is a question of elegance. The Montblanc Legend box is for all today’s serene men with natural virility.

The very contrasted and refined breath of Legend

If Legend is a very elegant fragrance, it does not lack power. It begins with the aromatic lightness of lavender, an ingredient very often associated with men’s perfumery. Its Mediterranean scent is boosted here by bergamot and Litsea cubeba, an exotic variety of verbena. Then, evernyl, a synthetic molecule that reproduces the smell of oak moss, gives it more masculinity and depth. Geranium reinforces its elegance while making it more peppery. Pomarose, another molecule between apple and rose, joins the game and brings more modernity to the whole. Finally, Legend de Montblanc ends with a certain smoothness. Its sweetness resurfaces with an alliance of tonka bean and sandalwood.

Legend de Montblanc offers itself a sparkling box

This time, the Legend de Montblanc perfume is presented to us in a unique box. Its bottle remains the same. Its timeless silhouette is dressed in the emblematic codes of the brand. Round and heavy, it immediately exudes a feeling of luxury. Its touch is reminiscent of that of the famous pen. Black and metallic, it is topped with Montblanc’s iconic six-pointed star. Presented here in a 100 ml format, it is accompanied by the Legend aftershave balm and the shower gel from the same range, both in two capacities of 100 ml as well. These three products are brought together in a black box, the front surface of which is dotted with a sparkling explosion, as if the breath of a glacier were frosting its surface.

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