Matte Shaker by Lancôme

Matte Shaker by Lancôme
Matte Shaker by Lancôme
Matte Shaker by Lancôme

Matte Shaker, the new colored and matt pigments from Lancôme

When it comes to lipstick, how can we not remember the days of the big Hollywood stars? This small beauty accessory continues to sublimate the faces of the most beautiful women in the world. It supports their emancipation and makes them shine on the highest podiums on the planet. Thus, it reinvents itself according to the trends and the seasons. In this context, Lancôme has just created a brand new product called Matte Shaker .

The evolutions leading up to the Matte Shaker

Lancôme’s love for lipstick is not new. In addition, the brand had already made a lot of talk in 1946 by developing the Shaker Lipstick. This product was a kind of two-phase lipstick. It first diffused a shiny and nourishing oil on the lips before depositing a second layer loaded with colored pigments. Since that day, this concept has never ceased to be reinterpreted by Lancôme, which is always creating new, more successful versions. This is how the Juicy Tube ranked as a flagship of the 2000s.

It was a lightly colored and glittery gloss, contained in a kind of paint tube with an integrated applicator. What is more, this product instantly succeeded in capturing the hearts of women by combining seduction and pleasure. In addition, it was full of a fruity flavor, something to seduce all gourmets … Also, in 2016, it was followed by the new Juicy Shaker.

This last Lancôme product then delivered all the shine of a gloss associated with particularly nourishing oils. Its extremely colorful pigments were not slow to make a name for themselves and to offer the lips a dazzling beauty full of very saturated colors. So what about Lancôme’s latest creation and how has the brand once again succeeded in reinventing itself?

Lancôme’s unique product

The new Matte Shaker from Lancôme reappropriates the same concept as its predecessor, the Juicy Shaker. On the other hand, he swapped his gloss format for a more matte lipstick. Lancôme likes to describe its new product as a sort of “tattoo of colors on the lips”. This one is offered to us in seven different shades and already promises to envelop your mouth in a veil of intense and extremely comfortable color. In addition, the Matte Shaker has an exclusive formula with unmatched lightness and an absolutely irresistible matte finish. With it, color, softness, velvety and lightness become one!

It is a wonderful testimony to the constant advances of the Lancôme brand. The latter will appear on February 27 and will be embodied on the screen by the attractive American fashion model, Taylor Hill. Very famous in the world of modeling, she has been part of the very closed circle of Victoria’s Secret angels since 2015.

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