Luck perfume brings good luck

Luck perfume brings good luck
Luck perfume brings good luck
Luck perfume brings good luck

Luck, a spirit of pure happiness

Gabrielle Chanel born in Saumur in 1883. Even if she spent half of her childhood in the orphanage, the young Gabrielle developed a passion for fashion and hats very early on. It was in 1910 that she opened her first “Chanel Modes” store. Two other stores will follow, in Deauville and Biarritz. In 1921, Mademoiselle launched her first fragrance, an international success that made “  N ° 5  ” a timeless myth. In 2003, and after numerous olfactory successes, the house of Chanel unveiled “Chance”, a fragrance of pure happiness. 2015 marks the launch of the latest variation of the fragrance with Chance Eau Vive .

Knowing how to seize your chance, a tribute to Coco Chanel

Before being an unexpected fragrance, “Chance” is a way of life, a way of living and understanding life. This meeting with luck is a moment of happiness to be seized and, if you follow your “Luck”, you will be drawn towards a real moment of joy, a unique moment. You should know that “Chance” is above all a tribute to Coco Chanel. This theme has always been dear to her heart and she used to say “I had a chance, I took it …”.

Mademoiselle knew that real luck is something that is provoked, but also a state of mind, a philosophy of life. “Chance” is an unpredictable essence, always in motion, an essence that we never manage to fully capture. Be careful, because luck always arises where you least expect it. “Chance” offers you a wonderful rendezvous with luck, but also with your life, seize it!

Chance’s unpredictable notes

From an olfactory point of view, “Chance” is a blend of combinations and crosses, where we find high quality raw materials. It is the talented perfumer, J acques Polge, who is at the origin of the composition of “Chance” . The latter begins with the ultra fresh notes of lemon mingling with the spicy notes of rose berry. The heart of “Chance” is uniquely floral with the presence of jasmine, hyacinth and iris. This floral alchemy evolves towards an ultra sensual base, because it combines vanilla, patchouli, vetiver, amber and white musks.

As for the bottle, it is unique for the house of Chanel. Round in shape, the “Chance” bottle is more enveloping and warm. The bottle is embellished with a few gold chips, in particular for the writing of the name of the perfume, while the name of the brand is written in black, a color dear to Coco Chanel. The transparency and the beauty of the glass suggest a slightly amber and shiny nectar. The whole is topped with a silver metal cabochon, thus offering a final touch of elegance.

“Chance” or a new tribute to Mademoiselle. Because luck was a theme dear to Coco Chanel’s heart, the Chanel brand presents a fragrance full of happiness and joy. Fresh, sparkling, “Chance” will bring a little luck to all those who wear it …

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