Louboutin – Tornade Blonde fragrance

Louboutin – Tornade Blonde fragrance
Louboutin - Tornade Blonde fragrance
Louboutin – Tornade Blonde fragrance

Christian Louboutin and his new sexy fragrance called Tornade Blonde

When we talk about Christian Louboutin, we instantly think of the image of a sexy woman perched on 10 centimeter high heels and a beautifully lacquered red sole. Christian Louboutin, specialist in luxury leather goods, has been transforming women into seductive creatures for many years now. We remember in particular his collaboration with the burlesque model Dita Von Teese who did not hesitate to raise the temperature a notch. Also, it seems that Christian Louboutin this time turned to another type of Pin-up rather like Marilyn Monroe. Christian Louboutin presents his brand new perfume named for the occasion Tornade Blonde.

When Christian Louboutin diversifies

It was in 1992 that Christian Louboutin opened his first shoe store, rue Grenelle, in Paris. This was nicknamed the “Boudoir” and did not go unnoticed. Indeed, customers very quickly noticed the Christian Louboutin shoes with devastating curves, vertiginous high heels and lacquered red soles, inspired for the occasion by the color of the varnish of his assistant. The heyday then became known in 2002 when the Yves Saint-Laurent house decided to fit all its models with Christian Louboutin shoes. From then on, stars around the world snapped up the designer’s shoes. Today, the name of Christian Louboutin alone is enough to make women around the world fantasize. However, for several years, Christian Louboutin seems eager to expand its universe. He has been specializing in beauty for some time. Moreover, the year 2016 was marked by the arrival of retro varnishes and punchys named Hawaii Kawai. However, Christian Louboutin does not seem to want to stop its ascent in such good way. He thus presents his brand new fragrance Tornade Blonde.

The unique smell of Tornade Blonde

Once again, Christian Louboutin has not cut corners in terms of aesthetics. It is quite simply impossible to pass in front of the new fragrance Tornade Blonde noticing it. This one is equipped with a bottle resulting from a true technical prowess. It rests on a rectangular base and flies off via two twisted columns evolving in a gradient of copper tones. It contains the smell of love and adventure. It would almost be enough to close your eyes for a moment to catch a glimpse of a beautiful blonde creature lying on a bed of red petals. Tornade Blonde is a feminine and powerful juice, as much animalistic as floral. This explosion of sensuality is the very embodiment of desire. Its scent opens with a fruity, powdery and animal blend combining violet, ambrette, blackcurrant buds and wild berries. Then, her intoxicating femininity grows even more in her heart. This contains Bulgarian rose associated with sambac jasmine and orange blossom absolute. Likewise, the gardenia from Brazil completes this very seductive blend. The whole is then based on more depth emanating directly from a trail containing ambergris, cedar, sandalwood and patchouli.

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