Light Di Gioia, the latest Armani women’s fragrance

Light Di Gioia, the latest Armani women’s fragrance
Light Di Gioia, the latest Armani women's fragrance

Light Di Gioia, when the Mediterranean sun is invited in a fragrance by Giorgio Armani

When the first days of spring arrive, and when the air warms up with the first rays of the sun, perfumery naturally turns to more natural scents. Fully subscribing to this register, the Giorgio Armani house has just created a new essence. Following on from the previous Air Di Gioia , Sun Di Gioia and Sky Di Gioia of 2016, Armani’s new fragrance is called Light Di Gioia and pays homage to light.

When nature becomes the source of inspiration for Giorgio Armani

Like the rest of the Acqua Di Gioia collection, initiated in 2010, Light Di Gioia is inspired by nature, and more exactly by the island of Pantelleria, an enchanting and paradisiacal place, located not far from Sicily, in the heart of the Mediterranean. Light Di Gioia plunges us into the intimacy of Giorgio Armani and invites us to a land where the designer owns a villa, and where he takes pleasure in recharging his batteries between his creations. Light Di Gioia is an essence synonymous with joy, cheerfulness and serenity. This fragrance is imagined as a lush fertile nature, bordered by the rays of the sun. Light Di Gioia draws its inspiration from the luminosity of the summer sun. It offers us vacations before the hour and intends to breathe additional energy into your daily life. With him, no need to go far to get away from it all and recharge your batteries …

Light Di Gioia, a luminous and floral fragrance

Of course, to prepare his recipe, Giorgio Armani has above all relied on very luminous ingredients, known for their lightness, their softness and their subtlety. Light Di Gioia begins with an intense freshness of bergamot. This fruit from bitter orange and lemon gives the top notes of Light Di Gioia a lively and euphoric sweetness. Then, Light Di Gioia is transformed into a generous bouquet of flowers, composed mainly of jasmine and gardenia. Floating a wind of softness and purity behind him, he then puts on white musk. Finally, gaining in character and tenacity, Light Di Gioia ends with a digest of precious woods.

The brilliant yellow of a bottled gemstone

Like him, his bottle radiates with a luminous, almost dazzling glow. Its transparent base and its cap are fully covered in a bright yellow color. More rounded than before, the bottle of Light Di Gioia provides an immediate sensation of tenderness and generosity. The whole rests on an imposing glass base. Light Di Gioia is also betting on a brand new cap, similar to a citrine, a quartz whose name is inspired by the word “lemon”, referring to its yellow color. Light Di Gioia has been available since mid-March 2019 and comes in three different formats of 30, 50 and 100 ml.

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