L’Essence Balenciaga perfume set

L’Essence Balenciaga perfume set
Balenciaga - L'Essence Balenciaga Christmas 2011 gift set
Balenciaga – L’Essence Balenciaga Christmas 2011 gift set

L’Essence Balenciaga gift set

The L’Essence de Balenciaga set includes the Eau de Parfum Spray 50 ml and as a GIFT a Body Lotion 100 ml Balenciaga L’Essence .

The Essence says it all and yet it is a liquid mystery. The Essence is impulsive. The Essence is straightforward. On the skin, L’Essence is as limpid as the ardent sincerity of ephemeral flowers. Violet leaves are like a woody impulse and their youthful vigor awakens the skin. Violet leaves do not know how to lie and offer themselves in their exquisite brutality. There is also the vetiver which takes the top: wild, rebellious, incisive… The Essence has charming and dazzling inflections. And then, the secret of the forest takes back its rights… In L’Essence, there is also this reminiscence of moss, emanating at certain times from the forests and which brings out the resinous accents. It looks like an exhalation of leather: but it is all the nobility of the organic that is expressed. The Essence is a longing and intense breath.

The Essence also offers and defends itself. The Essence, too, gets involved in living… The Essence says it all?

Woman Perfume

Olfactory Family: Floral – Woody Musk

Top Notes : Green Notes, Violet Leaves.

Heart Notes: Violet Flower, Vetiver, Resinous Notes.

Base Notes: Moss, Woody Notes, Leather.

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