Jasmin Rouge, an extraordinary personality

Jasmin Rouge, an extraordinary personality
Jasmin Rouge, an extraordinary personality
Jasmin Rouge, an extraordinary personality

The Tom Ford brand was founded in 2005 by the creator of the same name. Tom Ford is a talented stylist known for his provocative style.

His taste for provocation is found in many advertisements for his collections or even for his perfumes, as in the advertisement for “Black Orchid”, where we can discover a rather naked blonde… “Black Orchid” is also his. first scent . In 2011, Tom Ford presented “Jasmin Rouge”, a theatrical fragrance that perfectly captures the designer’s personality.

The Private Blend collection

The “Jasmin Rouge” perfume comes from the Private Blend collection. These fragrances are ultra-selective assortments of unisex and very powerful fragrances. The idea of ​​this collection was to highlight a rare and precious raw material by enhancing it with other ingredients. Tom Ford affirms about this collection “Private Blend is my laboratory, it is a place where I can create original, unique fragrances freed from the usual conventions of perfumery”. The Private Blend collection is linked to a makeup collection, the idea being to combine your makeup with your perfume.

“Jasmin Rouge” is the scent of a confident, assertive, even theatrical woman. She is mysterious, but so fascinating. Jasmine is an opulent, captivating flower. Here, it is associated with the color red, the emblematic color of passion and daring. “Jasmin Rouge” has the audacity of vinyl lacquered red lips and smoky eyes.

The daring notes of Jasmin Rouge

The presence of jasmine associated with that of sage brings a powerful and erotic side to the composition. “Red Jasmine” opens with spicy notes such as cardamom and cinnamon which combine with clary sage and ginger. The heart is composed of a wonderful white floral bouquet with the presence of jasmine, neroli, ylang-ylang and broom.

“Jasmin Rouge” then evolves into an oriental trail, warm, deep and ultra sensual, with the association of cistus labdanum, amber, vanilla and a leather accord. The “Jasmin Rouge” bottle is from the iconic “Private Blend” collection . It is inspired by an apothecary’s vial and is adorned for the occasion in an absolutely captivating purple red color. The cabochon looks like a beautiful chess piece and the entire bottle is classic and uncluttered.

Taken from the “Private Blend” collection, “Jasmin Rouge” is a fragrance with a strong character. The “Jasmin Rouge” woman is bewitching, mysterious, but overly sure of herself. The composition highlights rare ingredients that underline the beauty and opulence of jasmine. An unusual essence.

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