J’Adore Infinissime by Dior: welcome to Charlize Theron’s luxurious hammam!

J’Adore Infinissime by Dior: welcome to Charlize Theron’s luxurious hammam!
J'Adore Infinissime by Dior: welcome to Charlize Theron's luxurious hammam!
J’Adore Infinissime by Dior: welcome to Charlize Theron’s luxurious hammam!

The house of Dior has designed many legends in perfumery… However, if there were to be only one fragrance to make its image shine in the four corners of the globe, it would undoubtedly be the perfume J’Adore. Created in 1999, it never ceases to be talked about and still remains one of the best-selling feminine essences on the planet, even more than 20 years after its creation. To perpetuate the myth, Dior reinvents it year after year. In 2020, J’Adore becomes J’Adore Infinissime. Like all its predecessors, it comes with an advertisement. This time, the atmosphere is sulphurous and intimate at the same time. So, how about following Charlize Theron in her oriental-inspired hammam?

A few words about J’Adore Infinissime

Before telling you about the Dior advertising, let’s start by making the presentations with the perfume J’Adore Infinissime. Clearly approaching its elders, it comes in a bottle almost similar to the very first J’Adore. The only differences: its juice is darker and more amber than before, and one of its golden rings slides on its walls. On the scent side, J’Adore Infinissime is an enormous floral bouquet, which is offered with generosity. More voluptuous and sensual than ever, J’Adore Infinissime first mixes rose and sambac jasmine with other flowers such as tuberose or ylang-ylang. Sandalwood, on the other hand, brings a more creamy and woody trail to this fragrance. The result is a solar fragrance, endowed with infinite charm.

Charlize Theron, faithful ambassador of the house of Dior

As always, J’Adore Infinissime is embodied on screen by the attractive Charlize Theron. Indeed, the South African actress and model has been lending her image to the J’Adore collection for 16 years now. Here, we find her in an oriental hammam, dressed in a long golden dress, and surrounded by other women. The ad takes place on the track “Flashing Lights” by Kanye West. Swaying to the rhythm, Charlize Theron walks like a podium, while her steps are accompanied by a few slogans: “Chin up” (“head held high”), “Infinely Woman” (“infinitely woman”) … You will have it. understood, with J’Adore Infinissime, it is about charisma and femininity. The one who wears this perfume is fully aware of her strengths and enjoys revealing them for all to see.

Romain Gravas, advertising director for J’Adore Infinissime

In reality, this advertising campaign is not really new. For J’Adore Infinissime , Dior simply took over part of its previous advertising from 2018, initially produced by Romain Gravas. Son of Costa Gravas, this talented man is just as famous for his commercials as for his feature film “The world is yours”, widely acclaimed at the Cannes Film Festival 2018. Used to advertising campaigns for luxury fragrances, he has already signed advertisements for the Belle d’Opium perfumes by Yves Saint Laurent or Dior Homme, with Robert Pattinson and Camille Rowe. It is therefore all his know-how that reappears once again in the service of J’Adore Infinissime.

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