Issey Miyake’s new futuristic-looking Fusion fragrance from Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake’s new futuristic-looking Fusion fragrance from Issey Miyake
Issey Miyake's new futuristic-looking Fusion fragrance from Issey Miyake
Issey Miyake’s new futuristic-looking Fusion fragrance from Issey Miyake

Fusion of Issey d’Issey Miyake, an ode to nature

Issey Miyake is an atypical character who creates always unexpected creations, both in terms of fashion and perfumery. Its emblematic perfume, Eau d’Issey, tells us the story of water that runs through different natural elements. Unlike any other scent, this juice seems to go through different things in nature to soak up their scent. However, it is precisely in homage to this nourishing land that its new fragrance for men has been designed. Fusion d’Issey is a very rich, futuristic and mineral fragrance. This modern-day fern is signed by perfumer Nathalie Lorson. So, how about setting off with her to conquer the world?

Fusion d’Issey, a very diverse fragrance for men

Fusion d’Issey is a surprising fragrance that combines multiple olfactory notes that are opposed to each other. With it, the scent is alternately refreshing, fruity, more spicy, woody, floral or resinous. All facets of man are explored here, everyone recognizes themselves, and Fusion d’Issey thus seems to draw its source from everything. The contrast between its cold notes and its warmer scents is striking! Issey Issey Miyake’s Fusion is an essence that invites you to discover the power and diversity of unspoiled nature. Totally dedicated to Mother Nature, it is the ideal essence for today’s adventurers.

The many olfactory notes of Fusion d’Issey

Issey Issey Miyake’s Fusion begins with a refreshing and fruity start. Here, the coconut water is scented with lemon and fig. Freshness is thus added to gluttony. Then, sandalwood makes the whole thing smoother. It is immediately refreshed with cardamom and eucalyptus, before warming up with nutmeg. Rosemary gives it a more aromatic and Mediterranean scent. Geranium completes its entire floral and peppery note. This very elegant perfume then gains in virility. Issey Issey Miyake’s fusion ends with a more woody and resinous alliance of patchouli, ambroxan and salicylate.

Issey Miyake opts for a futuristic bottle

On the bottle side, Fusion d’Isseyoffers itself a container more futuristic than ever. Its silhouette is reminiscent of that of its predecessors but its appearance is indeed different. A thick glass base gives us the contemporary beauty of a blue-gray juice. Its name, meanwhile, is written in a bright orange writing, more fiery and pledge of all its energy. The roundness of this base materializes a certain softness, while its imposing shape says a lot about his virility. Its cap, meanwhile, forms a thick opaque square. Black in color, it is embellished with different cut sides playing with light. This cap is like a rough stone, cut from the rock. The whole is particularly manly and contemporary. Fusion d’Issey d’Issey Miyake comes in two different capacities of 50 and 100 ml.

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