Hydra Life Refining Mask

Hydra Life Refining Mask
Hydra Life Refining Mask
Hydra Life Refining Mask

Sculpt your face with Dior Refining Hydra Life Mask

As always, it is in the heart of nature that Dior has sought out its active ingredients to sublimate our skin. In addition, this time the brand seems to have bet everything on hydration. This is how the Hydra Life range was born, offering new natural defenses to the skin as if to make its freshness radiate durably. Focus on its Refining Hydra Life Mask.

The active ingredients contained in the Hydra Life Refining Mask

The Refining Hydra Life Mask is a clay-based treatment with the ambition of immediately and lastingly improving the appearance of your skin. To do this, it consists of two major ingredients. It contains pink clay, a product containing natural minerals to purify the skin and reduce the visibility of the pores of the epidermis. Likewise, Dior has added jojoba extract, an ingredient very often used by the brand. The latter helps nourish the skin and comfort it throughout the day.

The application of the Refining Mask Hydra Life

The Hydra Life Refining Mask is applied to previously washed skin and can be used on all types of epidermis up to three times a week. Its clay forms a sort of foam on contact with moistened skin. Then you just have to let the product act for about three minutes. Finally, rinse everything off with lukewarm water.

The results obtained by Dior

Dermatological tests carried out by Dior have made it possible to evaluate the results of the Hydra Life Refining Mask. Directly after its application, it reduces the visibility of the pores by 16% while increasing the purity of the complexion by 25% as well as the dullness of the skin by 24%. Likewise, after a month of use, these results are further amplified. The visibility of the pores is reduced by 25% while the purity of the complexion is increased by 36%.

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