How to preserve its perfume?

How to preserve its perfume?
How to preserve its perfume?
How to preserve its perfume?

Put your perfume in the fridge?

First of all, know that the worst enemies of perfume are air, light and heat. So, even if you are fascinated by the aesthetics of your prettiest bottles, avoid storing them on top of your fireplace! On the contrary, know that it is particularly recommended to store it in your fridge. The intensity of your scent will only be better and will last much longer. What is more, it must be recognized that the fact of depositing a fresh essence on your skin during the summer provides a most pleasant frozen thrill!

Keep your perfume closed?

At the same time, know that to keep your perfume longer, it is essential to leave it in the dark and away from the air. Fortunately, most perfumes today are presented in spray bottles. In other words, they are perfectly waterproof. These are no longer the old apothecary vials that were closed with a simple stopper allowing air to pass through. Therefore, perfumes keep much better today. However, the other trick is to keep your favorite fragrances in their original cardboard box. Thus, they will be better protected from light but also from temperature variations.

How long does a perfume last?

It is very difficult to give a precise shelf life to a perfume without knowing the storage conditions. Indeed, a full bottle will always keep better than a half-empty bottle in which the fragrance is in contact with air and therefore with oxidation. Likewise, a perfume placed in its original box, perfectly closed in a cool place, will keep much longer than an essence placed in contact with light, at room temperature or even worse, in the sun. Finally, be aware that the more concentrated eau de parfum and extracts keep better than fresher and more volatile eau de toilette or colognes. Top notes composed of citrus or aromatic flavors are generally more susceptible to oxidation than heavier, slower to evaporate base notes.

Does the perfume have an expiration date?

As you will have understood, a perfume therefore does not have an expiration date strictly speaking. A misconception persists that perfumes cannot be kept for more than three years. Know that this is totally wrong! It all depends on the fragrance itself and its storage conditions. Before putting it in the trash, therefore, make sure that your product has turned out well. You will have no trouble realizing it with its smell but also the color of its juice.

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