How to hold your perfume?

How to hold your perfume?
How to hold your perfume?
How to hold your perfume?

Why does the scent evaporate?

Whatever your perfume, alcohol represents at least 80% of its composition. Indeed, the perfume consists of an odorous concentrate, a kind of olfactory oil contained in the perfume in small quantities and diluted in alcohol. Ethyl alcohol was chosen to dilute the scent concentrate for its neutrality. As soon as you apply your perfume, this alcohol tends to evaporate and all that remains on your skin is the scent concentrate which diffuses its scent throughout the day and whose scent changes as it evaporates. progressive odorous molecules. Thus, depending on the amount of perfume concentrate and its dilution, the evaporation and diffusion of your fragrance will be more or less long.

Why does the scent turn on my skin?

In perfumery, the perfume is usually tested on small cardboard strips. However, to know if a perfume is for you, it is essential to test it on your skin. Indeed, depending on the person, the scent can turn. There is therefore a real alchemy between the epidermis and the perfume. The odorous evolution is not the same over time from one individual to another. Know that smell can also be involved in this impression. Indeed, it is quite possible that a perfume that you once adored has lost its appeal and even come to disgust you. The most convincing example is that of pregnant women. So beware of your olfactory perception!

Why does the perfume turn on the skin?

Several factors explain why the perfume turns on contact with the skin. Thus, the acidity of the epidermis, the more or less fatty texture of the surface of your body, perspiration or hormonal changes are all factors that influence the smell of your perfume. Nevertheless, it remains very difficult to determine which factor is responsible for modifying your fragrance.

Why does the perfume not hold on my skin?

Also, be aware that some people have a hard time getting a perfume to stick on their skin. Indeed, the essences react to the pH of the epidermis. Likewise, the hydration of the skin plays a considerable role in the diffusion of the fragrance. The more hydrated your skin is, the better the scent of your perfume will unfold and last a long time. So, do not hesitate to use a moisturizer for your body, mainly on your cleavage. It will only amplify the smell of your perfume while improving the youthfulness of your skin and its beauty over time.

Why does the perfume no longer hold?

Finally, be aware that the scent tends to deteriorate over time. Heat, light and air are formidable enemies for perfume. It is therefore essential to keep your fragrances cool, in their original case and properly closed. Likewise, an unopened perfume keeps much better because the essence which is contained inside is not in contact with air and oxidation. If your perfume no longer holds, it is probably expired and needs to be changed.

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