Hermès – Bel Ami Vetiver

Hermès – Bel Ami Vetiver
Hermès - Bel Ami Vetiver
Hermès – Bel Ami Vetiver

Bel Ami Vetiver, Hermès modernizes one of its greatest perfumes

Hermès is part of one of the biggest luxury brands on the planet. What is more, it has a history of exceptional longevity. In addition, Hermès is a brand that was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès, first specialized in leather equipment for horses before expanding its universe to that of leather goods and then perfumery. Also, even if Hermès is perpetually reinventing itself, it does not forget its origins. Thus, many are his new perfumes to echo his prestigious heritage. This is notably the case of Bel Ami Vetiver.

Bel Ami Vetiver, the start of a new story

Bel Ami Vetiver’s story is quite recent. On the other hand, this new perfume follows the iconic Bel Ami of 1986. From then on, Bel Ami Vetiver appears to be the beginning of a new story. This one is obviously inspired by its predecessor. It appears to be a real exercise in style consisting in retaining the characteristic identity of a perfume but reinterpreting it in a different form. Thus, Bel Ami Vetiver appears to be a new look at the heritage of Hermès. This creation reinterprets a great classic while changing its era and space. However, the impertinence of its original formula is still present and Bel Ami Vetiver still does not hesitate to shake up the established codes. It displays a perfect mastery of leather, as if to echo the initial activity of the Hermès house. Its traditional structure here takes on a very unique character. Undoubtedly, Bel Ami Vetiver is the scent of a modern day dandy.

A perfume made by Jean-Claude Ellena

As always, to give birth to Bel Ami Vetiver, the Hermès house called on Jean-Claude Ellena. A renowned creator, he has held the position of exclusive Hermès perfumer since 2004. Moreover, he continues to string together successes there and his know-how is today recognized throughout the planet. This greatly contributed to developing the notoriety of Hermès perfumes. In addition, Jean-Claude Ellena is especially famous for his ability to create very impactful fragrances with very few ingredients. To give you an idea, know that most of its formulas contain “only” 200 extracts of raw materials while most perfumers use around 1200.

Also, when the designer is questioned about Bel Ami Vetiver, he himself responds as follows: “I see Hermès perfumes as jazz standards whose melodic line, the signature in a way, is immediately readable and recognizable. , but whose orchestration can be transformed, modified, rewritten with great freedom of narration, and why not, a certain dose of impertinence ”.

This year again, Hermès pays tribute to Maupassant and revisits one of its great classics. He once again offers us his Bel Ami perfume.

However, this time it is no longer adorned with patchouli but it highlights the woody scents of vetiver. This creation by Jean-Claude Ellena is still as classy and timeless as is tradition at Hermès. With Bel Ami Vétiver , it is about nobility and a happy medium between strength and delicacy, enough to seduce purists who swear by the timeless class of this famous house.

Hermès and Maupassant, a long history

As its name suggests, Hermès offers us a revisit of its famous Bel Ami perfume released in 1986. After the success of d’Opium and before that of Farenheint, he had indeed designed this perfume which embodied very noble values ​​and very classy. His name is not at all unknown to insiders and this newcomer is therefore expanding the family of great Hermès classics. With this one, he retains his very aristocratic image which pleases his fans so much. It must be said that Bel Ami had to live up to Maupassant’s novel. In the latter, it was about social ascension. Indeed, Bel Ami was an ambitious and upstart provincial who managed to climb to the top of the social ladder until he was ennobled. Nobility was therefore at the heart of the subject and the Bel Ami perfume perfectly matched this image.

Its bottle is therefore very sober. Naturally elegant, it recalls the visual of its predecessor. The perfume radiates through its light which passes through the glass. Like its first version, it is adorned with a small black cabochon. However, this time it is adorned with a mahogany insert on which appears the name of the brand and that of the perfume. Bel Ami is again the personification of the timeless class of Hermès.

The very woody scents of the new Bel Ami Vetiver

With Bel Ami Vetiver, Hermès is therefore looking for a distinguished and powerful fragrance. Leather therefore seems to fully satisfy this image. Bel Ami Vetiver therefore opens with a note of black leather, thick and deep. Then, a mixture of citrus fruits, in this case lemon, orange and bergamot, brings a little freshness. To this explosive cocktail are added hotter and denser spices such as cloves, cumin, cardamom and pepper. To counterbalance all this, powdery undertones give Bel Ami a bit of delicacy.

En effet, on y trouve aussi du jasmin et de l’iris qui contrastent et se marient à merveille avec les essences de résine et d’encens. Enfin, son sillage se veut feutré et boisé. On y retrouve notamment le cèdre, le patchouli, la mousse de chêne et, comme son nom l’indique, le vétiver.
Les inconditionnels d’Hermès seront séduits : la brand nous propose une revisite très réussie, à la fois noble et audacieuse.

Jean-Claude Ellena revisite  l’intemporel parfum Bel Ami en hommage au roman éponyme de Maupassant

Jean-Claude Ellena en respect profond du savoir faire et des codes du parfum Bel Ami avec élégance créer une version contemporaine de ce parfum de légende tout en gardant la même structure classique. Cette nouvelle version se centre autour d’une nouvelle matière première le Vétiver.

Le vétiver est l’une des matières premières les plus puissantes et emblématiques de la parfumerie masculine notes à la force brute et au frisons intense issue des cultures d’Haïti où il est couramment appelé “cheveux d’ange. Son odeur si particulier de bois fumé lui donne un aspect viril et élégant. Dans Bel Ami Vétiver le vétivers est chaud boisé et vert légèrement fumé qui replace le patchouli de Bel Ami classique.

La fragrance s’ouvre sur des notes héspéridées relevé par des épices. Le cœur du parfume est une ode à la magnificence du vétiver. Le fond de la fragrance laisse un sillage cuir à base de notes de mousse de chêne.

Bel Ami Vétiver est présenté dans le flacon en verre signature Hermès surmonté d’un capot noir, en son centre il se pare d’une étiquette au couleur acajou sur laquelle est inscrit le nom du parfum et le logo Hermès en relief.

Olfactory Family: Woody – Chypré

Top notes: Heperid Accord, Spices

Heart note: Vetiver

Base notes: Leather, Oakmoss

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