Hello! The marriage of strength and gourmand signed Parfum d’Empire

Hello! The marriage of strength and gourmand signed Parfum d’Empire
Hello!  The marriage of strength and gourmand signed Parfum d'Empire
Hello! The marriage of strength and gourmand signed Parfum d’Empire

Since the creation of his own perfume house in 2013 Parfum d’Émpire , the Corsican perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has never ceased to make us dream of divine tobacco like with Tabac Tabou and leather from a vanished Russia with Ambre. Russian. For this esthete and nature lover, each perfume has a history and in 2019, it is especially the history of his Corsica that welcomed him as a child that he will tell us with the Salute perfume! as with its honeyed sweetness, Immortelle Corse.

When Marc-Antoine Corticchiato gives birth to the scent of Corsican vines with Salute!

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato fell into the world of smells while studying chemistry, but it is particularly with plants that his passion took root. So much so that in 2003, he decided to found his own perfume house in order to develop his passions there and share them with others.

The Parfum d’Empire brand may well be a niche perfume house, but it is quickly noticed by its creator who dares everything and gives birth to poetry and overdose with each new bottle. From the equestrian world to the oriental empires, from the vegetal force of an unknown Corsica to the smoky volutes, each Parfum d’Empire perfume has in it an absolute singularity.

Supreme consecration, Tabac Tabou like Corsica Furiosa obtain the greatest prizes… No one doubts that with his Salute! as powerful as it is divinely vegetal, it cannot make our hearts in Corsica vibrate, which it never stops reinventing in a bottle.

Hello! by Parfum d’Empire, where citrus fruits blend with the woody strengths and the greedy and powdery weaknesses of the grape

In all of Marc-Antoine Corticchiato’s perfumed creations, there is a meeting of opposites, a magical opposition between olfactory forces that usually never meet. For the Salute  ! Perfume , it will of course be the meeting between wine and fruit, the citrus fruits under which the Corsican vines grow and these woody musks which bewitch the cellars.

“I like the link with the land, the terroir and its energy, expressed by the Corsican vineyard. And I have always wanted to explore the affinity between wines and perfumes. »Marc-Antoine Corticchiato on Salute!

And so we will start this trip in Salute! with head notes bursting with freshness of the sun where lemons, grapefruits and mandarins offer us this Corsica rich in citrus fruits. Then in the heart, we will travel much more to the center of the lands by discovering on one side a green and bursting grape leaf accord and on the other a wine-red accord that is both woody and overpowering but also sweet and greedy. .

Finally in the depths of this Salute! Decidedly rich in contrasts, we discovered animal and even wild musks representing the dark strength of wine barrels while the pretty and so delicate iris flower will bring its powdery and silky roundness to the whole as if to make this part better for us. angels we all dream of …

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