Guerlain’s Ideal Man goes into Sport

Guerlain’s Ideal Man goes into Sport
Guerlain's Ideal Man goes into Sport
Guerlain’s Ideal Man goes into Sport

Because L’Homme Idéal is different for each woman, each of them must have its own fragrance. Thus, after launching a very first fragrance called L’Homme Idéal , in 2014, Guerlain decided to reinterpret it in multiple versions. Now L’Homme Idéal Cologne then L’Homme Idéal Eau de Perfume, this juice is transformed this time into a Sport version. So, put on your best athletic outfit, Guerlain intends to reveal the sporting potential that lies dormant in you!

The airy and sensual freshness of L’Homme Idéal Sport

L’Homme Idéal Sport is a fragrance that we owe to a duo of perfumers. Of course, this one is signed by the official nose of the Guerlain brand: Thierry Wasser. In this position since 2008, he is one of the greatest perfumers on the planet. A sort of modern-day dandy, he likes above all to reformulate Guerlain’s greatest juices without distorting them. He sees this as a real challenge and gives birth to real feats. Here he was accompanied by Delphine Jelk. The latter also working for Guerlain, the two characters are used to working together. With flawless technique, this duo has this time chosen to bet everything on freshness. Thus, L’Homme Idéal Sport begins with a real burst of vitality. This fragrance dares the alliance of aquatic notes and fresh spices. So, the freshness of this essence is not lacking in temperament. However, its scent softens thanks to an almond note. Neroli essence then envelops his heart. From then on, this juice becomes more delicate and sunny. However,The Ideal Sport Man would be nothing without a certain dose of virility . Thus, the latter is revealed in its wake. Patchouli, coumarin and vetiver help to bring more strength, vigor and sensuality to this new Eau de Toilette.

The Guerlain bottle turns blue

The bottle of L’Homme Idéal Sport is immediately recognizable. Indeed, it has the same silhouette as its predecessors. It forms a sort of very robust and manly square. Both refined and luxurious, it has nevertheless changed colors. Formerly slightly amber and black, it is now bluish. On the other hand, the transparency of its front faces contrasts with the darker opacity of its lateral sides. The whole is surmounted by a robust and heavy stopper. Thus, L’Homme Idéal Sport immediately exudes a feeling of virility. A white label is affixed to its front face. However, it is nuanced with a few red touches as if to symbolize a finish line. However, because Guerlain never really forgets its origins, this new design is a nod to the bottle of Guerlain’s legendary Habit Rouge. Inspired more directly by the house’s travel bottles from 1955, L’Homme Idéal Sport revisits the history of Guerlain and gives it a new lease of life. The result is the image of a very elegant man, sure of himself, authentic, and of course… Sporty!

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