Guerlain’s 2017 Anniversary Collection

Guerlain’s 2017 Anniversary Collection
Guerlain's 2017 Anniversary Collection
Guerlain‘s 2017 Anniversary Collection

The Guerlain house displays incredible longevity. It must be said that it is constantly being renewed, trying to make people talk about it through an infinite number of products from different sectors. Nevertheless, 2017 turned out to be particularly prolific for Guerlain. The brand has already made a lot of talk with the launch of its new perfume, Mon Guerlain , sublimated by the attractive actress Angélina Jolie. Well, at the same time, Guerlain has also developed an Anniversary Collection to celebrate 30 years of expertise in its most famous makeup pearls: The Meteorites. Focus on its new assortment of products called the Spring 2017 Happy Rosy Glow Collection.

Guerlain sees life in pink

If the Guerlain house has chosen to call its Spring 2017 Collection Happy Rosy Glow, it is quite simply because it is mainly available in shades of pink. After all, what more beautiful color to symbolize femininity? What is more, since it was a question of celebrating the 30 years of existence of the Guerlain Meteorites, this choice seemed particularly appropriate. Indeed, the small colored pearls leave on the skin an absolutely seductive soft pink finish. However, this is precisely what we find in this new assortment. So what exactly does it contain?

Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls

Unsurprisingly, the Spring 2017 Happy Rosy Glow Collection from Guerlain does indeed contain the emblematic Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls of the brand. These pearls aim to correct and illuminate the complexion with a simple brushstroke. These legendary beads embody the first generation of powders to have been compacted. Their unique colored signature intensifies the natural radiance of your skin with an absolutely splendid pearly pink color. The mauve pearls, on the other hand, serve to catch the light while the mat pink is used to revive the complexion. Finally, the small champagne-colored beads harmonize and give your face more freshness.

Meteorites Happy Glow Blush

Guerlain also offers its small beads in a miniature version. These are used to illuminate the face and to sculpt it. The Happy Glow Blush Meteorites contain a Star Dust technology that allows them to reflect light to infinity. Real diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres, the latter create an absolutely resplendent luminous halo on the skin.

The Kiss Kiss Lipstick

Finally, the Spring 2017 Happy Rosy Glow Collection is enriched with a Kiss Kiss Lipstick. It is now dressed in an exclusive pink case with rainbow reflections. It comes in two completely new pink shades. It provides your mouth with an immediate feeling of comfort while giving it a plump effect. Indeed, its formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid with a plumping effect. Likewise, Kiss Kiss Lipstick smoothes the mouth over time with its capacity enriched with Commiphora oil. This seems to contain all the expertise of the house in the service of your natural beauty.

Finally, note that the Spring 2017 Happy Rosy Glow Collection is also accompanied by a brush specially designed to facilitate the application of Meteorite beads.

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