Guerlain – Spring 2013 Collection

Guerlain – Spring 2013 Collection

For Spring 2013, Guerlain imagines a limited edition collection of fascinating eyeshadows …

Guerlain - Pearls of Paradise

Meteorites Pearls of Paradise …

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Sparkling Light Powder.

To illuminate the skin in a halo, the mythical pearls are reinvented in size XXL, in limited edition.

A devilishly embellishing shade of pastel and carnal roses, powdery and sparkling notes. The complexion lights up and subtly sparkles, revived by a touch of pep’s, as if by magic!

4-color box …

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Guerlain - 4 Colors Box
Guerlain – 4 Colors Box

Discover the 2 new shades:

– 501 Catcher-Coeur: an enigmatic gradient of precious greens where coral is combined with iridescent silver or golden khaki patinas.

– 502 Coup de Foudre: a shades of purple, an elegant and intriguing color, lit up with white, mauve and lilac.

Automatic Shine…

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Discover the 2 new shades for the Spring 2013 Collection: 761 FLirt and 762 Rendez-Vous.

Guerlain - Automatic Shine
Guerlain – Automatic Shine

In a single gesture, a concentrate of sequins and colors! Automatically ACCESSORY… Fashion accessory. Object of seduction. Beauty asset. Automatically SEQUINS …

A cocktail of different creative, tone-on-tone, contrasting, red, blue or gold mother-of-pearls, and light reflectors, which boost the lips with a subtly glittery sparkle. Automatically COLORS…

Thanks to the crystal pigment, which unlike the classic white pigment, no longer has an opaque background. More transparent, it brings purity and radiance to the colors, without a whitish effect.

Red Automatic…

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Discover the 2 new shades for the Spring 2013 Collection: 600 Ballade and 601

Guerlain - Automatic Red
Guerlain – Automatic Red


The new Automatic Red opens in a single gesture, for a fast, intuitive and so simple application! Automatically accessory: Desirable as an it-bag.

Precious as a jewel. Automatically Colors: A flight of colors, a bouquet of 25 shades, from the wisest to the most dazzling. Responding to all desires and bearing the name of a cult creation from Maison Guerlain.

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