Guerlain offers its Shalimar perfume in a box for Christmas

Guerlain offers its Shalimar perfume in a box for Christmas
Guerlain offers its Shalimar perfume in a box for Christmas
Guerlain offers its Shalimar perfume in a box for Christmas

Shalimar, the great classic from Guerlain in a gift box

Much more than a simple perfume, Shalimar is an essential product in perfumery. It has embodied French elegance and the splendor of Guerlain since its creation in 1925. It is still, today, one of the best-selling perfumes on the planet . Its longevity is almost as incredible as its refinement. Shalimar is a timeless product that is offered on all occasions and which has only one ambition: to sublimate the woman who wears it. Guerlain has therefore decided to decline it in a brand new gift box .

The story of the Shalimar fragrance

First and foremost, we believe it is essential to understand the history of this perfume in order to appropriate its universe. The Guerlain family has always been passionate about travel and has always been more specifically drawn to India. It is therefore an Indian love story that is at the origin of the creation of the Shalimar perfume. This dates back to the 17th century, when Shah Jahan was emperor. Of course, he had several wives. Nonetheless, his favorite by far was Mumtaz Mahal. Both let their love express itself in the sumptuous gardens of Shalimar. When his beloved died, the emperor was simply devastated. To pay homage to him, he decided to build an exceptional mausoleum in the heart of this lush park. Today, this unique place is known to all. This is the Taj Mahal. Gold,

The Shalimar perfume by Guerlain

This fragrance also paved the way for many perfumes. Many consider it to be one of the first oriental juices in the history of perfumery. This bold scent opens with a striking freshness of bergamot and lemon. His heart then becomes more floral. Shalimar’s femininity is expressed in a bouquet of rose, jasmine, iris and opoponax. However, its base becomes more enveloping and woody. It brings together vetiver, tonka bean, patchouli, sandalwood and incense. Vanilla helps to increase the sensuality and the exoticism of the whole. The civet, meanwhile, makes this scent more animal. As you will have understood, the Shalimar perfume is the centerpiece of this gift box.

So Volume Hell Eyelash Mascara

Finally, to complete this assortment, Guerlain has added Mascara Cils d’Enfer So Volume to its set. A real weapon of seduction, it intensifies and sublime eyes in a single pass. It provides instant volume and dresses the lashes in a deep black. Its creamy formula and fine brush catch each lash and make up with precision. They are then immediately curved, sheathed and sculpted. What is more, to preserve the beauty of the eyes over the long term, know that the Mascara Cils d’Enfer So Volume is also enriched with a nourishing and protective oil. Finally, it is also delicately scented with a floral essence.

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