Gucci Bloom tells us a scented poetry with its ad

Gucci Bloom tells us a scented poetry with its ad
Gucci Bloom tells us a poem
Gucci Bloom tells us a poem

The floral and poetic atmosphere of Gucci Bloom

Alessandro Michele is a true genius in the world of luxury. Awarded a British Fashion Award for Best Designer of the Year in 2015, he is also considered the man who managed to transform the image of Gucci in just one year. He made this Italian brand a real center of gravity for European elegance. From then on, all that was missing was a perfume to complete its range of creation. Its very first essence has therefore just emerged. This one is called Gucci Bloom and is now accompanied by a brand new advertisement.

Gucci Bloom, a fragrance with a very feminine universe

Gucci Bloom is a very important perfume for the Gucci brand . Not only is this the first fragrance imagined by Alessandro Michele, but Gucci Bloom is also the brand’s first juice produced in collaboration with the Coty group. This essence designed by the nose Alberto Morillas is composed of prestigious ingredients. It feeds on tuberose, rose, jasmine and quisqualis indica, an Indian flower with unprecedented use in perfumery. Gucci Bloom is presented to us in an elegant pink porcelain bottle. Its packaging, meanwhile, uses the iconic motif of the Italian fashion house. The whole is both vintage and glamorous, as if charged with timelessness and exquisite femininity .

Gucci launch party at MoMa

This perfume was presented for the very first time at a private party organized at MoMA, the famous museum of contemporary art in New York. After all, it did not take less to accommodate such an essence! On this occasion, the building’s courtyard was transformed into an elegant floral garden. The urban atmosphere of this place mingled with many wild flowers. The rose, jasmine, peony and lily of the valley were thus enriched with the splendor of multiple colored birds. Many celebrities were present and it was also a perfect opportunity for Gucci to present its new muses: Dakota Johnson as well as models Hari Nef and Petra Collins.

The rustic sweetness of Gucci Bloom advertising

The advertisement for Gucci Bloom only lasts about thirty seconds and is enough to immerse us in a particularly poetic and feminine universe. This takes place on the musical track “The Rip” by Portishead. The atmosphere is tender, rustic and even somewhat aquatic. For the occasion, the house of Gucci has chosen to highlight the American actress and model Dakota Johnson. The granddaughter of actor Don Johnson and actress Mélanie Griffith is here accompanied by two other models, Hari Nef and Petra Collins. Together, the young women take us into a universe full of many flowers. These rustic plants can be found absolutely everywhere, including in their living room or on their elegant dresses. The advertisement ends with the vision of three young women bathing in clear water, there again traversed by innumerable flowers. This is where the Gucci Bloom bottle suddenly appears, as if this magical lake were the source of its perfume.

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