Guaria Morada, a flowery and refined fragrance signed Berdoues!

Guaria Morada, a flowery and refined fragrance signed Berdoues!
Guaria Morada, a flowery and refined fragrance!
Guaria Morada, a flowery and refined fragrance!

Guaria Morada de Berdoues: Pura Vida! Welcome to Costa Rica!

Berdoues is a brand of perfumes totally out of time, which has known how to renew itself over the decades, while preserving a great deal of authenticity. This is precisely how the Grands Crus de Berdoues are conceived, a collection of exceptional fragrances that showcases rare and noble raw materials, whose juices are reminiscent of the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear. Today, to expand this assortment of perfumes, Berdoues has decided to take us on a trip to the other side of the world, and more exactly to Costa Rica. So, how about setting off to meet one of this colorful country’s most iconic flowers? Focus on the new Guaria Morada.

The Berdoues Grands Crus collection

Before packing your bags, let’s start by setting the scene and presenting you the collection of Grands Crus de Berdoues. Initiated by Sophie Berdoues, the fourth generation of perfumers to be at the head of the eponymous brand, this collection brings together noble perfumes steeped in history. Each Berdoues Grand Cru pays homage to a particular raw material, while evoking a distant land. In addition, their ambition is to echo the traditional Eaux de Cologne, which constitute the beginnings of our modern perfumery. This is why Guaria Morada soars with an extreme sensation of freshness, just like the Eaux de Cologne. Far from being old-fashioned, this perfume is revisited with modernity, while having a tenacity that was previously unknown.

What is the Guaria Morada?

If the name Guaria Morada sounds like a little exotic, it may not ring a bell … In fact, the Guaria Morada is the name of an orchid that is very common in Costa Rica. Moreover, this Central American country is particularly famous for its lush flora! For the anecdote, know that this very vegetal territory is full of 1400 species of orchids. Among them, the Guaria Morada was chosen to be the emblem of the country in 1939. Legend also says that it is a lucky charm. Thus, the Guaria Morada is traditionally offered during Costa Rican festivals, as a token of good fortune.

Guaria Morada, the new floral journey of Berdoues

The very vegetal and floral aspect of this perfume reappears as soon as you see its bottle. The Guaria Morada bottle takes the same shape as for all the perfumes in the Grands Crus de Berdoues collection. It is a glass rectangle, the bottom of which is decorated with a particular pattern. Here, the design chosen is that of a colorful plant, combining shades of pink and green. On a purely olfactory level, Guaria Morada begins with an absolute sensation of freshness, coming from orange, citrus sweet and tangy at the same time. Its heart, meanwhile, contains amyris, a resinous flower, wonderfully paving the way for a more woody background. Guaria Morada de Berdoues ends with a more powerful scent of patchouli. This new fragrance owes its existence to the perfumer Mylène Alran.

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