Flowerbomb Bloom’s offbeat advertising

Flowerbomb Bloom’s offbeat advertising
Flowerbomb Bloom's offbeat advertising
Flowerbomb Bloom’s offbeat advertising

The feminine and quirky ad for Flowerbomb Bloom by Viktor & Rolf

A few weeks ago, the house of Viktor & Rolf presented us its brand new fragrance, a sort of bouquets of fresh flowers that are both subtle and airy. Thus, there did not seem to be a better way to embellish everyday life and switch to the spring world than with this new juice. However, to further sublimate this crystal grenade and make people talk about it, it still lacked a marketing campaign worthy of the name. Well, it’s now done and the first images of Flowerbomb Bloom have been revealed. Focus on its advertising.

Andreea Diaconu as the new Flowerbomb Bloom wife

It was in July 2016 that the Viktor & Rolf house decided to transform the face of its cult perfume: Flowerbomb. To do so, he needed a new muse. However, Viktor & Rolf is not known to be a conventional fashion and perfume house. He therefore needed an out of the ordinary personality perfectly in harmony with his way of perceiving the universe of beauty. It was done with the recruitment of model Andreea Diaconu.

It must be said that the young woman does not lack temperament! Born in Romania in 1991, the latter is above all a karate enthusiast. However, his good physique was quickly noticed by headhunters. Never mind, it refused all their expectations! However, wanting to pay for an intensive karate course, she had no other means than to turn to them for funds.

From then on, the machine was launched and the notoriety of Andreea Diaconu soared. Thus, the young woman has already had the chance to collaborate with the most prestigious luxury brands like Chanel, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana or Armani. Viktor & Rolf is already delighted with this collaboration that everyone envies him.

Viktor & Rolf’s crazy floral advertising

At first glance, the advertising for Flowerbomb Bloom begins with a real breath of serenity. Indeed, it only reveals a feminine shadow standing out against a soft pink background. Nonetheless, on closer inspection, the figure looks somewhat enigmatic.

Holding a bottle of Flowerbomb Bloom, Andreea Diaconu is completely naked and her hair forms a huge bouquet of flowers. The shot gets closer and becomes clearer then, suddenly, Andreea Diaconu turns her gaze in our direction and the visual of this advertisement is electrified! Everything then lets out notes of the electro track “Bangarang” by Skrillex Feat Sirah. The visual plan is jostling and it is a real tornado that the house of Viktor & Rolf is creating on our screens. Andreea Diaconu then makes flowers fly all over the screen before revealing the visual of the new Flowerbomb Bloom pomegranate. Everything is explosive to say the least!

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