Fleur Musc For Her, a condensed bottle of femininity

Fleur Musc For Her, a condensed bottle of femininity
Fleur Musc For Her, a condensed bottle of femininity

Narciso Rodriguez is a creative and daring character who generally lets the strength of his feelings speak for each of his creations. So, when he developed the perfume For Her, in 2003, he affirmed that it was about his “very personal and romantic vision of the imaginary muse who inspires him and which allows him to feel what he feels when ‘he created “. Today, Narciso Rodriguez has decided to reinterpret his greatest fragrance and deliver it to us in the form of the new Fleur Musc For Her. Having worked hard on the making of his first bottle, let’s see how he managed to reinterpret it.

The very elaborate design of the Narciso Rodriguez bottle

Narciso Rodriguez is usually described as a very persistent and determined character. So when he has an idea in mind, he seems desperate to make it happen. However, this is precisely what we find in the bottle of Fleur Musc For Her. This one takes the same silhouette as its predecessors. It must be said that this container is the result of unprecedented work. It took years of work and the filing of a patent. Indeed, the bottle of Fleur Musc For Hercontains an interior lacquer encrusted in a glass surface. This technique had never been developed until now. Considered by the profession as a real achievement, this case is a perfect example of elegance and sobriety. Under its extreme simplicity, it nevertheless takes on colossal work. Architectural and very artistic, it plays on duality. Its geometric shape is intended to echo feminine sensuality. Its colored lacquering contrasts with the transparent purity of its glass. Its base displays a rectangle stretching towards the sky while its cap opposes it by following a horizontal line. Fleur Musc For Her displays a very contradictory and yet perfectly harmonious appearance. This perfume is a real boost in terms of bottles.

The new visual of Fleur Musc For Her

If this perfume retains many attributes of its predecessors, it nevertheless modifies some aspects of the latter. Always quite classic and devoid of any superfluous, this one dares for the very first time a flashy color. Usually, the house of Narciso Rodriguez has accustomed us to fairly neutral colors. In addition, For Her was simply lacquered black and only his name was displayed on its front face in a pale pink colourway. Likewise, the Narciso perfume was entirely lacquered in white while L’Eau For Her was also pink but very clear. This time, Narciso Rodriguez posed a more exuberant fuchsia. It makes him look a lot more perky. The choice was daring. However, this one suits him perfectly and even gives more spring airs to this new perfume!

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