Even Better SPF15, Clinique’s best seller

Even Better SPF15, Clinique’s best seller
Even Better SPF15, Clinique's best seller
Even Better SPF15, Clinique‘s best seller

Even Better SPF15, the Clinic Foundation that takes care of your skin

Foundation is essential for makeup. Indeed, it makes it possible to unify the complexion and to smooth your skin. In a single pass, he manages to transform you into a real porcelain doll. Yes, but here it is, it is still necessary that this product is of an irreproachable quality so as not to suffocate your skin and to take care of it durably.

After all, who would want a bad product on their skin all day long? It is therefore precisely for this purpose that Clinique has established research to make one of the best foundations on the market. Clinique’s Even Better SPF15 is one of its bestsellers. It is a Foundation that does not just put on make-up, but takes care of your skin continuously.

The perfect coverage of Even Better Foundation SPF15

Clinique’s Foundation is one of the most popular premium makeup products on the market. Indeed, women love it for many reasons. First of all, it comes in many colors, from very light tones to much darker shades. In this way, it comes as close as possible to your natural skin tone and provides an almost invisible result. Once applied, Clinique Even Better SPF15 Foundation leaves skin naturally luminous and radiant. Indeed, it is enriched with many minerals and mother of pearl. Thus, it reflects the light.

In a single pass, it conceals all the small flaws, and leaves an impression of a face without any imperfection. It is suitable for all skin types. Finally, know that Even Better Foundation SPF15 is available in two different types of tones. The Cool Neutral colors bring together all the pink shades of the range. Warm Neutral colors, on the other hand, are more golden. These two ranges have in common the creation of a slightly powdery finish for an irresistible peach skin tone.

Clinique treatments in addition

Before being a make-up brand, Clinique is a large brand specializing in cosmetology and skin care. Thus, all of his expertise can be found in Even Better SPF15 Foundation. This extraordinary product does not just make up you. It was developed by dermatologists, and it is the brand’s first foundation to permanently reduce pigmentary irregularities.

In other words, it camouflages brown spots linked to skin aging, but it treats them over time. Thus, it fights against the formation of new spots. What is more, to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun, it contains an SPF 15 sun protection factor. In this way, it prevents melanin deposits and dehydration of the skin.

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