Comfort Lip Oil, Clarins lip care

Comfort Lip Oil, Clarins lip care
Comfort Lip Oil, Clarins lip care

The lips are one of the most fragile areas of our body. What is more, these are subjected to many tests during our life: UV rays, extreme temperatures, dehydration… This can create on their surface the appearance of pimples or lesions. Whether it’s simple chapping or other symptoms, these signs are not to be taken lightly. Moreover, it is better to prevent them and avoid their appearance. For this, the Clarins house has put all its know-how into a 100% natural product called Lip Comfort Oil.

The concept of Lip Comfort Oil

Clarins has been a specialist in skin care for decades. It has been over 60 years since the brand introduced skincare products designed for the face and body, and made from 100% plant extracts, into its range. These treatments take the form of oil. However, always declining more products following this same ambition, Clarins decided to make a lip oil based on natural extracts. This was presented for the first time in 2015 and is called Comfort Lips Oil.. Both nourishing and lightly tinted, this treatment aims to create a luminous and radiant appearance on the mouth while protecting your lips. Thus, the Comfort Lip Oil helps your skin to protect itself from the sun, the wind or dehydration. Formulated without paraben, this product helps to maintain water in the heart of your cells while making your lips shine like a mirror. This way, your mouth looks rounded and your skin becomes smoother. What is more, its delicate smell creates, at the same time, a soothing and comes to create, in general, a feeling of relaxation in your daily life.

The new colors of the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil range

Previously, Lip Comfort Oil was available in three different colors. The first was close to honey. The second approached the raspberry. The third was inspired by red berries. From now on, no less than four new colors are added to the range. The first is called “Candy”. Its pink oil produces a very natural effect. Its fine texture is scented with cherry, raspberry and strawberry. The second color is called “Tangerine”. In a coral tone, this one seems full of vitamins. It naturally stimulates the color of the lips while giving them a radiant appearance. Its scent is refreshed with red currant. The “Honey Glam” shade, for its part, is similar to the classic honey color. However, its texture takes on a more glittery finish than before. So, the lips look naturally shimmering. Its scent, meanwhile, unsurprisingly contains a honey flavor. Finally, the fourth color of the Lips Comfort Oil is “Mint”. Its minty effect brings an extreme sensation of freshness while giving an impression of volume to your mouth.

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