Essence Amor Amor… Will you dare the scorching passion Cacharel?

The summer 2018 edition of the Amor Amor perfume
Amor Amor… Do you dare the scorching passion?
Amor Amor… Do you dare the scorching passion?

It was in 1962 that Jean Bousquet founded the Cacharel brand. He owes his first success to the pink seersucker blouse, which will be called “Le Cacharel”. At the end of the 60s, Cacharel imagined the “Liberty” blouses and defined itself as a young and glamorous brand. In 1985, Cacharel embarked on perfumery with “Anaïs Anaïs”. The success was dazzling and the feminine fragrance propelled the brand to the forefront of the stage. In 2003, Cacharel unveiled a passionate essence “Amor Amor”, the promise of an exceptional love story .

Cacharel and love

All of the brand’s feminine fragrances are loaded with emotion, love, passion, tenderness, or friendship… All of the brand’s emotions are very strong. After “Anaïs Anaïs”, romantic love, “Loulou”, the affirmation of sensuality, Cacharel presents torrid passion to us with “Amor Amor”. It must be said that the name “Amor” comes from Latin. Of course, it means and symbolizes love with a capital “A”. Everything here is played out in the deepest intensity. “Amor Amor” is the story of a strong, pure, deep, unconditional love. Sealed in a kiss, “Amor Amor” is an unforgettable love story. Nothing can curb the enthusiasm and ardor of “Amor Amor”. The “Amor Amor” woman is of course a passionate person, but also a lover of life. Ultra feminine, she assumes her sensuality bluntly.

Amor Amor, an addictive fragrance

It is a duo of perfumers, Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyère, who are at the origin of the composition of “Amor Amor”. It begins with the vitality of pink grapefruit associated with the freshness of blood orange and the energy of blackcurrant. “Amor Amor” then evolves into an ultra feminine floral heart composed of lily of the valley, rose and jasmine. The trail of “Amor Amor” reveals an ultra sensual base because it combines amber, tonka bean, white mucus and vanilla. The nectar of “Amor Amor” is enclosed in a flamboyant glass case. Its intense red color immediately plunges us into a world that is both languid and carnal. Its cap is shaped like a grenade pin ready to be opened for a most terrible explosion.

Cacharel presents the hot version of love with “Amor Amor”. Intense fragrance like the bright red color of passion, “Amor Amor” is astonishing in sensations. Promise of a bright night and a love unlike any other, “Amor Amor” takes us on paths hitherto unknown.

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