Emporio Armani Stronger With You

Giorgio Armani and his Stronger with You men's fragrance
Emporio Armani Stronger With You
Emporio Armani Stronger With You

Stronger With You, the modern vision of love according to Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is a range that belongs to the Armani house and which gives us a more contemporary and urban vision of this great Italian brand. The first fragrances of Emporio Armani appeared in 1998 and immediately plunged us into an urban, high tech and connected world, reinventing itself faster than the trends itself. In keeping with this philosophy, new complementary juices have just been created to join this large family of products. The latter is called Because It’s You for women and Stronger With You for men. So let’s take a closer look at the male counterpart of this duo.

The complementarity of men and women according to Emporio Armani

Stronger With You is a fragrance that deals with the complementarity between men and women. Indeed, this one gives us a very contemporary vision of the love and the feelings uniting the two sexes. It must be said that the Emporio Armani range of perfumes has always highlighted a duo of fragrances. This time, Giorgio Armani himself was greatly involved in the design of these two new essences. He says he participated in every step of the project and explains the realization of Stronger With You in these terms: “Emporio is a brand that speaks the language of the present, and this fragrance project captures two essential aspects of our time: on the one hand , the return to true and primary feelings – in this case, love – on the other hand, the closer and closer proximity between men and women,

Advertising for Stronger With You

Obviously, this scented release would be nothing without advertising to match its ambitions. To achieve this, the Armani brand called on the French director and producer Fabien Constant. He decided to make three different advertising clips lasting about three minutes. These will highlight two faces well known in the world of fashion and luxury. On the women’s side, Because It’s You will be played by the Italian actress and model Matilda Lutz. Stronger With You, on the other hand, will be portrayed by the handsome James Jagger, son of iconic Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. You will understand, impertinence and glamor will be there!

Stronger With You’s aromatic and spicy recipe

But then, how is this characterized on the side of the recipe for this new perfume? To make Stronger With You, the Armani house called on the perfumer Cécile Matton. She chose to work around the theme of the fern, a great classic of men’s perfumery. Thus, Stronger With You contains many aromatic notes such as sage or cardamom. Violet leaves also give more elegance and a more vegetal aspect at the start of this perfume. The pink pepper also comes to energize the whole. However, Stronger With You gradually mellowed. It combines, in its wake, a sweet sweet scent of chestnut and vanilla.

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