Elie Saab’s new Rose Couture perfume

Elie Saab’s new Rose Couture perfume
Elie Saab's new Rose Couture perfume
Elie Saab’s new Rose Couture perfume

The news has just fallen but fashionistas worthy of the name are probably already aware: the famous fashion house Elie Saab is launching a brand new fragrance and the latter will see the light of day in February 2016. This new opus of the perfume of 2011 will be entitled Rose Couture is clearly aims to reveal all the genius of Elie Saab for haute couture by associating it with extreme femininity. This perfume will be articulated, as its name suggests, around the rose and its muse is none other than the world famous top, Toni Garrn.

Elie Saab calls on Toni Garrn

If you follow the fashion world at all, you’ve probably heard her name before. Indeed, Toni Garrn is one of the most fashionable models of the moment. In this case, the 23-year-old German top is one of the highest paid in the world and has already worked for the biggest brands. Also, his collaboration with Elie Saab began in 2012. The latter had paraded for the couturier for his spring / summer collection as well as for the fall / winter. She then put on the outfit that all models dream of wearing: the famous wedding dress closing the show. Also, having seduced and fulfilled her role to perfection, the house of Elie Saab decided to choose her as the new face of its fragrance, thus succeeding Anja Rubik. Advertising for Rose Couture Perfumeis already online on the brand’s website. We can then see the model wearing a powder pink halterneck dress. The universe is reminiscent of that of the preceding perfume and femininity is omnipresent.

The ultra-femininity of Rose Couture Perfume

Rose Couture is a perfume combining the femininity of the rose with the very couture world of Elie Saab. Indeed, this genius designer has always been a great fan of sewing. More than a job, this universe is a real passion for him. Since the opening of his first creative house, at the age of 18, he has never ceased to magnify women and bring their femininity to light. Also, this new perfume is like a consecration, a combination of these two elements so dear to her heart. As the name suggests, it is essentially built around the rose, a key ingredient in this essence. This one is a common thread and does not leave the fragrance from the top notes to its wake. Also, the flight of Rose Couture is very sunny. Orange blossom also rubs shoulders with peony and the result is immediately very sensual. The heart, meanwhile, combines jasmine with vanilla. In addition, more gourmet tones appear through fruity notes. Finally, it all ends with a more tenacious scent of patchouli associated with the enveloping aspect of sandalwood.Rose Couture is then presented in a case shaped like crystal. Its bottle is cut like a jewel and plays on transparency as if to magnify its sublime rosé nectar.

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