Elie Saab The Eclat d’Or Perfume

Elie Saab The Eclat d’Or Perfume
Elie Saab The Eclat d'Or Perfume
Elie Saab The Eclat d’Or Perfume

The Éclat d’Or Perfume, Elie Saab’s new gem

In 2011, the house of Elie Saab created a feminine perfume bearing his name. This revealed the radiance of orange blossom associated with solar notes as well as hints of jasmine. Its wake was more woody, bringing together patchouli, cedar and rose honey. Also, after unveiling an Eau de Toilette version in 2012, it is back for the 2016 end-of-year celebrations. This time it takes the form of an Eclat d’Or Perfume and thus turns out to be more dazzling. and festive than ever. After the Nuit Noor fragrance, does Elie Saab still have any scent surprises in store for us this year?

The resplendent image of the Elie Saab woman

Of course, this new juice is faithful to the image we have of femininity seen through the eyes of designer Elie Saab. As explained by Francis Kurkdjian, perfumer in charge of this collection, “I felt that I had to translate a brilliant femininity”, he said. Thus, the new Parfum Eclat d’Or appears like a burst of light. It immediately gives rise to a thrill and is perfectly anchored in the universe of this Lebanese couturier, famous for his particularly sensual and very feminine dresses. What is more, like its predecessor, Le Parfum Eclat d’Or perfectly transcribes the duality of Elie Saab’s universe, halfway between the light of the East and the modernity of the West.

The new Eclat d’Or Perfume

For this revisit, Le Parfum Eclat d’Or takes care of a bottle with softer accents. This one displays a less slender silhouette and reveals a sublime golden color. Faceted like a diamond, it has a cabochon which is a miniature replica of its base. Its vaporizer, meanwhile, is designed in gold-colored metal. On the scent side, Le Parfum Eclat d’Or is enriched with a fresher facet through the addition of bergamot, a fruit resulting from the cross between lemon and sour orange. Likewise, honey nectar makes the whole thing smoother and smoother. Finally, at the bottom, the patchouli is intensified there. Nevertheless, it is indeed the ylang-ylang which remains the center of this perfume. This gives it a very luminous floral heart capable of igniting all desires.

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