Eau du Soir, Sisley’s iconic fragrance is finally accompanied by an advertisement

Eau du Soir, Sisley’s iconic fragrance is finally accompanied by an advertisement
Eau du Soir, Sisley's iconic fragrance is finally accompanied by an advertisement
Eau du Soir, Sisley‘s iconic fragrance is finally accompanied by an advertisement

Sisley is a family businesswhich was founded in 1972 and which first made a name for itself in the field of cosmetics, through the use of plants. Specializing in luxury beauty products, Sisley finally decided to diversify its activity by moving towards perfumery, in 1974. However, its greatest juice appeared much later, in 1990. Named Eau du Soir, it is inspired by Isabelle d’Ornano’s native land: the south of Spain. Until now, Eau du Soir had not needed any publicity to improve its notoriety. He is an icon of feminine perfumery and intends to remain so for a long time to come… However, to celebrate his 30th birthday, Sisley has decided to put together a campaign worthy of the name. So, how about immersing yourself in its unique atmosphere while discovering its television campaign?

A look back at the history of Sisley’s Evening Water

In 1990, Hubert d’Ornano decided to create a perfume in tribute to his wife Isabelle, simply to declare his love for her. To develop this one, he was inspired by his childhood spent in the south of Spain, and more exactly in Seville. Thus, Eau du Soir is a perfume developed like a stroll at dusk, in the sumptuous gardens of Alcazar. It is enough to get drunk with its daring and Mediterranean breath to see yourself transported to the heart of an alley lined with orange and mandarin trees. In fact, Eau du Soir is a very refreshing juice, the rise of which almost resembles that of a traditional cologne. Its heart, meanwhile, relies more on a floral aspect, assembling jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang and syringa. Little by little, everything vanishes in a woody and sensual breath of patchouli, musk and amber. Note also that the Eau du Soir would be nothing without its sumptuous bottle. Designed by Polish artist Bronislaw Krzysztof, it is surmounted by a real sculpture as a stopper, drawing the face of a woman in a gold case.

Focus on Sisley’s advertising

In order to properly celebrate its 30th anniversary, Sisley has decided to offer Eau du Soir its first advertisement. Nevertheless, in a register always very confidential, it is always a family affair … Indeed, the muse of Sisley is none other than the niece of Isabelle d’Ornano, the pretty redhead Sonia Vasena, to flamboyant beauty. Here, the young woman moves in a Parisian apartment in a very Baroque style, populated with numerous works of art. When she lets out a few notes of Eau du Soir in the air and on her skin, all the elements around her come alive. The sculptures awaken as in a dream and the animals come to life. The result is an advertisement with a very dreamlike spirit. In fact, in this advertisement, Sisley chose to illustrate, in a metamorphosis, the power of attraction of this cult essence. The result is a very beautiful tribute to its magnetic and majestic imprint.

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