Eau d’Hermès, a historic fragrance

Eau d’Hermès, a historic fragrance
Eau d'Hermès, a historic fragrance
Eau d’Hermès, a historic fragrance

L’Eau is the very first perfume from the house of Hermès. He was born in 1951 and, as Jean-Claude Ellena says, he is “The perfume of origins. The ultimate in refinement. A supple leather that plays with spices and woods. ” He draws his inspiration from the smell of the inside of a Hermès bag. More than a simple perfume, it is a historical novel that has crossed the ages. It is inspired by the tradition of Hermès, pays tribute to the brand‘s culture and is intended for both men and women. His writing is then a perfect alliance between power and sensuality.

The birth of Eau d’Hermès

The Eau d’Hermèsis a fragrance born from the exceptional meeting of two intensely creative artisans. Emile Hermès was a saddler. Edmond Roudnistka was a perfumer. Both had very innovative minds. Also, they gave birth to a unique perfumed accord. Eau d’Hermès was born in 1951 and has not aged a bit. It is a timeless, universal and mixed water that absolutely does not care about trends and fashions. She crosses time with exemplary neutrality and in all discretion. Indeed, when it was released, Eau d’Hermès was sold exclusively in the Maison’s boutiques. She has often been dominated by creations with a bigger advertising budget, but her fans have always been loyal to her. Also, in 2001, for its 50th anniversary, Eau d’Hermès was given a new lease of life. It must be said that until then, the formula had remained unchanged, just like its bottle. It then became more accessible and all the more appreciated by all. Also, it is a real masterpiece that we invite you to discover on our site for cheap.

An inspiration drawn from the bottom of a Hermès bag

The fragrance was inspired by Edmond Roudnitska by “The interior of a Hermès bag where the aroma of a perfume floated.… A note of fine skin coated with fresh aromas of citrus fruits and spiced up ”. His departure is very fresh. It combines bergamot with fusant petitgrain. Both quickly give way to an aromatic heart where we discover lavender, sage and geranium. Then, its refinement is reinforced by the addition of jasmine. Likewise, Eau d’Hermès asserts its character through its many spices such as cinnamon, cloves or cumin. The trail reveals woody tones of sandalwood, cedar, birch, vetiver and moss. The whole is enveloped by the warmth of vanilla and that of tonka bean. This fresh water is similar to leather and finds all its warmth in contact with the skin. The elegance of Eau d’Hermès is timeless and yet you will find it inexpensively with us. Its bottle, like all those of Hermès, is inspired by a carriage lantern and has a matt metallic cap. Just like perfume, it combines modernity with the tradition of the house. It is one of the House’s legendary perfumes, just like Amazon.

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