Dua Lipa to embody the fragrance Libre YSL

Dua Lipa to embody the fragrance Libre YSL
Dua Lipa to embody the fragrance Libre YSL
Dua Lipa to embody the fragrance Libre YSL

Dua Lipa, new muse of the fragrance Libre by Yves Saint-Laurent

We were impatiently awaiting it, and it is now done: Yves Saint-Laurent has just announced the release of a brand new feminine perfume . Named Libre, its fragrance is a floral lavender, sensual and daring, materializing in itself all the innovative spirit of women today. Unconventional like the couturier Yves Saint-Laurent was, this perfume is unlike any other. It reappropriates the scent of lavender, a traditionally masculine ingredient, to make it more luminous and floral. On the occasion of this outing, Yves Saint-Laurent also revealed the name of his new muse. Joining the seductive Kate Moss or Zoé Kravitz in the role of Yves Saint-Laurent ambassadors, Dua Lipa is the new face of the Libre YSL perfume .

Dua Lipa, a muse that nothing predestined for such a fate

Dua Lipa didn’t have an easy childhood, and nothing predestined her to become one of the biggest stars on the planet. From an Albanian family, Dua Lipa was born in the United Kingdom, when her parents had fled Kosovo in 1992. She therefore grew up in North West London until she was 11 years old. Throughout this time, his father and mother worked in low-skilled jobs, with the sole aim of making ends meet. Dua Lipa therefore did not have a golden childhood. Then they decided to return to Kosovo. But life in her home country did not appeal to Dua Lipa. The young teenager therefore campaigned to return to London and join the Sylvia Young Theater School. His parents agreed. Dua Lipa returned to England at the age of 15, staying alone with a family friend.

Dua Lipa, the start of her career

The new fragrance Libre by Yves Saint Laurent
The new fragrance Libre by Yves Saint Laurent

Dua Lipa showed an attraction for the artistic world very early on. At 14, she filmed herself singing her favorite songs, before posting videos on YouTube. His studies only confirmed his desire to become an artist. However, Dua Lipa did not immediately turn to the song. She decided to start her career in modeling. And it was precisely at this moment that she was spotted… In 2015, Dua Lipa signed her first contract with Warner Bros Records, which allowed her to record her first single, “New Love”. This is how his career began.

Dua Lipa, the consecration

If the notoriety of Dua Lipa is fairly recent, it must be recognized that her talent has already been hailed by critics many times. By the way, you have most likely already sung one of his tunes! His first album, released in June 2017, brings together 10 singles, 7 of which are among the UK’s best sellers. She is also the only female artist to have received 5 nominations in a single year for the Brit Awards. In February 2018, Dua Lipa won two Brit Awards for Best British Solo Artist. Finally, in February 2019, Dua Lipa received the award for best new artist and best dance recording for the single “Electricity” at the 61st edition of the Grammy Awards… A consecration!

Dua Lipa, a free woman, in perfect harmony with the new fragrance from Yves Saint-Laurent

Of course, the notoriety of Dua Lipa is not innocent in the choice of the house of Yves Saint-Laurent. Indeed, it is an artist particularly followed on social networks, is very appreciated by the young generation. However, millennials are a major target for luxury brands. By choosing Dua Lipa, the Yves Saint-Laurent house has therefore offered itself the visibility of choice on the web.

In addition to this element, Yves Saint-Laurent has also set his sights on Dua Lipa for the free and daring image that she embodies. If nothing predestined her for such success, nothing has ever stopped her in her wildest desires! However, this image fits perfectly to this new perfume … The new muse of the fragrance Libre, for her part, does not shy away from her pleasure to start this new collaboration:

“For me,” she says, “what matters most is having self-confidence, being strong and powerful. Be yourself without ever accepting any compromise, act as you want, believe in what you want, always be proud of what you do, and I have the feeling that all these convictions agree perfectly with the philosophy of the new Yves Saint-Laurent perfume ”. One of its flagship titles, “New Rules”, is moreover a hymn of freedom and independence.

In view of all these elements, there is no doubt: Dua Lipa is obvious for the Yves Saint-Laurent house , which already suggests a promising future for this new perfume.

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