Dragee: Ode to life Reminiscence!

Dragee: Ode to life Reminiscence!
Dragee: Ode to life Reminiscence!
Dragee: Ode to life Reminiscence!

In 2013, the Les Notes gourmandes de Réminiscence collection saw the appearance of a new fragrance that is part of the great book of wonders of the Réminiscence house. Despite the disappearance of the emblematic designer Zoé Coste, Lilla and Nino Amaddeo continue in 2013 the beautiful story of the notebook of childhood memories Reminiscence . With Dragée, they left the Orient for a while to get drunk on the flowery and powdery scents of this little confectionery so symbolic of happy days.

Weddings, births and a perfume: Dragée de Réminiscence

The Réminiscence perfume house is the house of memory, imagination and the joy of living. All Réminiscence fragrances are borrowed from these… reminiscences of scents and emotions. Emotions that were first of all oriental as we were able to enjoy with Patchouli, Amber or Musk. Memories of the Caribbean and tranquil azure seas as we saw with the Rem ‘ . And then of course childhood memories drawn in precious bottles such as Marshmallow (ex Mi Fa) or even Héliotrope (ex Do Ré) without forgetting the two missing So La and Si Do.

This collection of Notes Gourmandes was awaiting a sequel. Of course, Reminiscence would know how to sublimate it as usual by the most beautiful agreements composed with high quality materials. But… The collection born from the four hands of Zoé Coste and Lilla Amaddeo could no longer be, the emblematic designer having suddenly disappeared in 2008.

Her childhood memories Lilla Amaddeo, now at the helm of Réminiscence, then shared them with her father and founder of the company Nino Amaddeo. And Dragee, the sparkling cocktail of flowers and fruits, was born as a rebirth, as an ode to life that continues …
“An olfactory journey where tenderness and joy transport us. »Reminiscence tells us for Dragée. So they perfumed themselves with Dragee and lived happily …

Dragee or the flowery-fruity gourmet of happy events

Still as retro-boudoir as its predecessors in the Notes Gourmandes range, Dragée appears for our greatest pleasure in a cylindrical glass adorned with its crystal cabochon reminiscent of the scents of yesteryear. This time Dragée is dressed in white, the white of baptisms and weddings of course, where the dragees are essential for the party.

Dragee opens with citrus notes of petit grain and mandarin, giving the fragrance an airy flight. Cardamom brings its spicy hint as if to sparkle this dazzling start. Then the infusion of orange blossom from Egypt will meet in the heart the powdery and sweet almond blossom. Also appears a very beautiful and mysterious dragee note which unfortunately will refuse to reveal itself more, unless you bite it? The mysterious depths of cedar blend with gourmet vanilla to envelop itself in the cocoon of white musks.

“Delicate and sensual notes, a sweet romance that we can only delight in… Accord built around almond blossom and orange blossom, in a white bottle reminiscent of Dragee. »Reminiscence for Dragée.

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