Dior Sauvage perfume

Dior Sauvage perfume
Dior - Wild
Dior – Wild

Who is the Dior Savage Man?

He is a man who seeks to exist off the beaten track, outside the city and its hectic pace of life, out of time and in harmony with what he has most precious, his heart. The Savage man is not afraid to venture beyond the limits provided that he finds there what he seeks, he is natural, generous, spontaneous. He doesn’t try to be like, he IS, period.

To create a perfume for this Savage man, François Demachy “left his laboratory” to also set off on an adventure: “A perfume is not created in a laboratory, inspiration is everywhere” François Demachy for Sauvage de Dior . He thus sought all the raw scents inscribed in us as a multifaceted olfactory heritage such as the smells of sap, of laundry, of barber’s lavender or even of a funfair popcorn. François Demachy describes his work on the composition of Sauvage as that of a quest for scents, which undoubtedly seems a completely new approach in perfumery.

Once he has found his olfactory treasures, he will assemble them to create Sauvage like the scent of a man with two faces: one of great virility and the other of extremely fresh sweetness.

The Savage Man would therefore be in reality much more nonconformist than truly savage … Anyway, he could find himself in a powerful and intoxicating scent where his masculinity will be clashed with freshness and oceanic jolts.

“To create Sauvage, I started with people. A frank and obvious masculinity. Like the image of a man out of fashion, out of time. »François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator for Sauvage.

Johnny Depp, Savage?

If Dior had already known how to employ renowned ambassadors for its various fragrances, it would be necessary to choose a different one that best represents the image of the wild and fiercely free man. Just like the choice of Jude Law for Dior Homme or Alain Delon for Eau Sauvage, the ambassador of Sauvage was selected with talent by Dior. Savage will be Johnny Depp, or could it be said that Johnny Depp is the Savage man? In many ways it would seem that this is certain.

Johnny Depp had never before embodied perfumes or brands. It must be said that the beautiful and dark Pirate of the Caribbean is not to play with the light. Johnny Depp embodies the vein of those anti-Hollywood system actors who don’t seek to be noticed but play what they want to play. Johnny Depp embodies a free man, somewhat rebellious who does not hesitate to take risks to go where he wants. He is a “character endowed with a unique, authentic and true relief” according to Dior. This is to say if the universe of Sauvage seems to “stick to the skin”.

Under the camera of Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Johnny Depp will let his devastating pirate smile to become intense and mysterious. He will present himself for Sauvage like a shaman of modern times to conquer his freedom, a freedom that he will seek in the middle of the desert, out of sight and above all free. Free as Savage …

Maison Christian Dior launches for the fall of 2015, a new men’s fragrance embodied by Johnny Depp

Sauvage by Dior

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Perfume – Wild

Dior Sauvage Advertising
Dior Sauvage Advertising

Fragrance inspired by arid, rocky lands, wild flora and fauna under the desert sun. Realization of the perfumer François Demachy Sauvage de Dior is a fresh and noble fragrance at the same time, it opens with notes of Calabrian bergamot, which meets in its heart the strength and energy of Sichuan Black Pepper, the background is woody amber thanks to the patented Dior ambrox material from ambergris.

Johnny Depp – Wild

Maison Dior Parfum chose actor Johnny Depp for his new face for his new fragrance creation. He posed for fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg, where his “wild” look contrasts with his innate elegance. Thus, he thus joins the very closed clan of the Dior muses in the same way as Alain Delon incarnating the mythical perfume Eau Sauvage, Jude Law, Robert Pattinson.

Johnny Deep for Sauvage

Le choix de la maison Dior Parfum pour l’acteur réside dans sa capacité d’adaptation : « pour trois générations de spectateurs, Johnny Depp est cette icône d’ Hollywood, capable d’endosser tous les rôles » mais aussi pour sa constance et son éternel sensualité.

Pub – Parfum Sauvage


La pub officiel du parfum Sauvage sera dévoilé le 2 septembre prochain. Mais on peut déjà trouver cinq teaser qui nous donnent une idée de l’histoire que les parfums Dior veulent nous raconter avec ce nouveau parfum.

Famille Olfactive :  Frais – Boisé – Ambré

Note de tête : Bergamote de Calabre,

Note de cœur : Poivre du Sichuan,

Note de fond : Ambrox  (Bois, Ambre Gris).

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