Dior Nail Glow, the radiance care polish

Dior Nail Glow, the radiance care polish
Dior Nail Glow
Dior Nail Glow

Dior Nail Glow, a French manicure effect!

It was in 1947 that Christian Dior founded his fashion house of the same name. It brings to women a new, more dynamic and above all more liberated style. His first collections are a success as well as his “New Look” style.

The same year, he will present his first perfume , “Miss Dior”, in homage to his sister Catherine, a timeless perfume which represents the know-how of the Dior house.

In 1969, the brand decided to launch into high fashion cosmetics, with as much requirement as for its perfumes and ready-to-wear collections.

Dior Nail Glow, reveal the natural color of your nails

Dior Nail Glow was invented to reveal the natural color of your nails. It is a radiance care varnish. Immediately, your nails are sublimated and radiant with beauty. Its unique formula has been designed to revive the natural colors of the nails. Thanks to it, the edge of your nails is whitened and the pink color of the heart of the nail stands out. In a single gesture, you have a French manicure at home! With Dior Nail Glow, just one pass is enough. Day after day, your nails are beautiful and protected.

Dior Nail Glow care varnish is applied to bare nails, in one or two coats, leaving to dry between the first and the second. It can also be used as a base and you can then apply Dior Nail Haute Couture varnish on your nails, ultra shiny for dazzling colors.

Thanks to Dior Nail Glow, your nails are revealed, as natural as possible. With its care formula, Dior Nail Glow protects your nails and enhances them, day after day. As revitalized, your nails can now display the most intense colors.

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