Dior Homme Sport, sporty elegance in perfume

Dior Homme Sport, sporty elegance in perfume
Dior Homme Sport, Sporty elegance
Dior Homme Sport, Sporty elegance

Dior Homme had captivated us, Dior Homme Sport will make us travel! Of course, Dior Homme Sport has managed to retain the powdery elegance of its precious iris, but it has embellished it with spicy and fresh notes to better make us exhale Mediterranean escapades on the edge of a convertible. Because the man of Dior Homme Sport does not seek to be a man of sporting achievements, he sees sport as a philosophy, an additional greatness of soul …

Dior Homme Sport, a philosophy of life

In 2005, Dior Homme had already seduced a good number of elegant and distinguished dandies thanks to its elegant and delicately flowery amber scents. In 2008, François Demachy gave birth to it in the guise of a beautiful sporty and powerful juice called Dior Homme Sport. Then in 2012, he reworked his fragrance to offer a new, even fresher version while again delivering the iris accords of Dior Homme that the 2008 version lacked. Finally, Dior Homme Sport came out again in 2017 in delivering “extreme fruit” and “explosive” notes, so that the perfume “reinvents itself to better embody a life where sport has become more of a philosophy than a race for performance”.

Thus in a decade Dior Homme Sport has already known three lives, which is to say if its pace is frantic and its vitality intense. This can be its strength compared to other sports fragrances, more static but more athletic, Dior Homme Sport aimed more at men with a sports philosophy than at real athletes.

This sporting spirit is reflected in the first campaign for Dior Homme Sport, filmed with its muse in 2008, Jude Law. Free as the air, the man of Dior Homme Sport finds his freedom by traversing the world hair in the wind Jeremy fragrance.

Regarding the second campaign for Dior Homme Sport, the pace is much faster. The new perfume ambassador, Robert Pattinson, does not play the retro dandies but rather the James Dean, endowed with an incredible fury for life. “Life is a playground” (filmed by Romain Gavras) effectively highlights a young man, fiery and full of vitality who laughs and loves according to his desires. Between Jude Law and Robert Pattinson, Dior Homme Sport of 2008 and Dior Homme Sport of 2017, the rules of the game have clearly changed!

Invigorating citrus fruits against a spicy-woody sensuality for powerful Dior Homme Sport

If Dior Homme Sport was in a few years in perpetual movement in its composition, its bottle on the other hand kept the elegance of its origins. Like its ancestor Dior Homme, Dior Homme Sport glass is square, massive, in short, very manly. In appearance, the modern dip tube turns black as if to stand out better through the clarity of the sports juice. A delicate touch of red, a sporting color par excellence, delicately wraps the cabochon.

The composition of Dior Homme Sport version 2017 was, like the previous ones, worked by François Demachy. Blood orange and grapefruit come together with citron essence to create an ultra tonic and very airy flight. The pear will give these top citrus fruits its juicy sweetness. Then elemi and incense face nutmeg and pink berries to offer the heart of Dior Homme Sport a confrontation between aromatic freshness and spicy heat. Geranium brings its nervous and flowery touch. Finally, the depths are comfortable thanks to woody and sensual notes of Haitian vetiver and sandalwood.

“The new Dior Homme Sport is a story that starts strong, quickly and never gives up. A racing car that bursts forth and makes lively pleasure last ” François Demachy for Dior Homme Sport 2017 by Dior.

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