Dior Forever, new Dior foundation

Dior Forever, new Dior foundation
Dior Forever, new Dior foundation
Dior Forever, new Dior foundation

Dior Forever foundation, a hybrid between skincare and makeup

The Dior house is both one of the largest beauty brands in the world but also a widely recognized professional makeup artist. Thus, the brand offers a wide range of beauty products associated with many makeup products. Moreover, it very often happens that these two worlds intermingle. The Dior Forever foundation is also there to testify. Not content with putting make-up on your face for 24 hours, it also provides multiple benefits to preserve all the youth and comfort of your skin. Dior has also developed a version to add radiance to your complexion with Dior Forever Skin Glow .

The make-up finish of Dior Forever

Dior Forever is a foundation that is intended for all women in their greatest generality. Indeed, it comes in a wide range of different colors, so as to get as close as possible to your skin tone. To choose it well, it is recommended that you choose a foundation of the same color as your skin, or up to a lighter tone. Dior Forever exists in very light and darker shades. It offers a velvety, luminous finish that lasts all day. Enriched with numerous beautifying pigments, it captures the surrounding radiance and deposits it on your skin. However, it absorbs excess sebum and therefore limits the areas of shine on your face.

The care assets contained in Dior Forever

Day after day, Dior Forever foundation magnifies your face, even naturally. Thus, it incorporates many recognized care assets into its formula. It ensures the hydration of your face continuously and thus preserves your feeling of comfort. With Dior Forever, skin tightness is just a distant memory! What is more, by hydrating your skin, it also preserves its youthfulness. Day after day, your face appears more even and the pores of your skin are tightened. Your face becomes smoother and more even. Dior Forever also acts as a protective barrier that filters out daily aggressions as well as UV rays. In addition, its formula contains a protection index SPF35.

How to properly apply Dior Forever foundation?

Dior Forever foundation can be applied with a finger, a sponge or a brush. Its fluid formula adapts to all your desires and travels your face with uniformity. Thus, the Dior Forever does not draw any unsightly demarcation. To do this, all you need to do is place a small amount on the center of your face and stretch it outwards. You just have to enjoy its shine for 24 hours! 98% of women who have tested this product say they are amazed by the matte and natural finish it provides. 95% of them like its fresh texture which evokes that of a skincare product. The pleasure is such that 97% of them recommend it to their loved ones!

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