Dior – Eau Sauvage Cologne

Eau Sauvage Cologne: A morning walk in the lemon trees ...
Dior - Eau Sauvage Cologne
Dior – Eau Sauvage Cologne

Eau Sauvage Cologne, the new freshness of a great Christian Dior myth

Whether or not you are an avid perfume lover, you must have heard of the iconic Eau Sauvage by Dior. Created in 1966, this perfume very quickly became a staple in men’s perfumery. Also, in 2015, Dior decided to bring it up to date with an even fresher flavor than before. Its new fragrance is now called Eau Sauvage Cologne and already promises to deliver all the authenticity of the Dior house associated with a breath of modernity.

The story of a cult perfume from Dior

L’Eau Sauvage de Dior was the very first perfume for men developed by Christian Dior. Born in 1966, he came to embellish the department of men’s perfumery while miniskirts flourished in all the fashion brands, as if to create a breath of freedom. L’Eau Sauvage was quickly described as a concentrate of class and elegance. A sort of vintage, this juice can boast of having revolutionized the world of perfumes for men. In addition, until then, this area was divided into two very distinct categories: fresh but lacking in body colognes or very opulent and elegant fragrances. L’Eau Sauvage succeeds in the crazy gamble of combining these two elements to deliver a condensed freshness and seduction.

Thus, L’Eau Sauvage is a perfume that can be worn just as much for playing sports as in the city, for a social evening or for a simple family picnic. The new Eau Sauvage Cologne is therefore in perfect continuity with its predecessor. This one is like a crisp, freshly ironed white shirt. This perfume has remained faithful to its first version while taking on a breath of modernity. However, don’t get me wrong, this is not the very first variation of the iconic Eau Sauvage. This newcomer to the perfume department was notably preceded by Eau Sauvage Extrême in 1984, Eau Sauvage 100% Boy in 2001, Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir in 2007 and Eau Sauvage Parfum in 2012. .

Eau Sauvage Cologne, a fragrance by François Demachy

To make this perfume, the Dior house called on one of the greatest perfumers of our time: François Demachy. Indeed, this genius of smells became the brand’s official perfumer in 2006. After spending nearly 30 years at Chanel, he now has unparalleled knowledge of scents. In addition, his fragrances are always very complex and François Demachy is used to working surrounded by around 2,500 samples. Here, he chose to offer us a fresh scent opening onto a blend of citrus fruits. Eau Sauvage Cologne combines Calabrian bergamot, mandarin orange and grapefruit. His heart, meanwhile, reinvents itself and brings relief to his successors. This combines petitgrain, hedione and pink pepper. Finally, the virility of this juice is displayed in a vetiver base. In other words, Eau Sauvage Cologne gives us here an elegant play of chiaroscuro.

This summer, the Dior house is revising its timeless perfume for men for a new freshness of this legendary perfume SEE THE VIDEO

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New from the Eau Sauvage collection by Dior, created in 1966, a futuristic fragrance which now ranks among the greatest fragrances for men. This year, discover the new Eau Sauvage revolution around a Cologne accord for the eternal youth of this legendary fragrance.

Fragrance – Wild Water

Eau Sauvage Cologne is articulated around three surprising notes full of nuances creating a fragrance that is both fresh and explosive. It opens with notes of Calabrian Bergamot with a spicy and enveloping charm at the same time. The heart of the perfume revolves around an accord of Pink Berries from Reunion Island which unveil a surprisingly fresh, spicy trail! In the base, Haitian Vetiver offers an intense, virile notes enhanced by the bitterness of grapefruit notes.

Bottle – Wild Water

Eau Sauvage Cologne by Dior
Eau Sauvage Cologne by Dior

Like the fragrance, the bottle is timeless and has remained unchanged since its creation in 1966. Its design is inspired by a flask, with curves recreating the movement of a drape. Its cover takes the shape of Monsieur Dior’s thimble. However, for this new fragrance, certain codes have been revisited, the band and the cover are now tinted with pure white, synonymous with elegance. The name of the perfume is now inscribed on a silver background and for the first time on the top of the hood the initials of the designer Christian Dior are affixed.

Alain Delon – muse of timeless charm

For this new fragrance, Alain Delon is transformed into a tender “Bad Boy” with a “hipster” look from the film Les Aventuriers shot in the 60s.

Olfactory Family: Fresh – Woody – Spicy

Top note: Bergamot from Calabria,
Heart notes: Pink berries from Réunion,
Base notes: Vetiver from Haiti.

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