Decléor – Micellar Oil

Decléor – Micellar Oil
Micellar Oil from Decléor
Micellar Oil from Decléor

Decléor launches a new cleansing and make-up removal product in the Aroma Cleanse range

Aroma Cleanse Micellar Oil

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In a flash, this ultra-sensory oil cleanses the face and removes the most resistant makeup even on the eyes, thanks to the micelles it contains. Its unique, fine texture glides over the skin and effectively dissolves all impurities to leave the skin perfectly clean.

Ingredients – Micellar Oil

Sweet almond oil, vegetable squalane

Result – Micellar Oil

The skin is perfectly cleansed even on stubborn and waterproof makeup.The skin texture is refined and the pores tightened.

Directions for use – Micellar Oil

– Pour 1 to 2 doses of oil in the hollow of dry hands,

– Apply delicately to dry face, using circular movements to loosen all impurities and stimulate microcirculation,

– Then with a little water, carry out light smoothing in order to envelop the entire face and eliminate all toxins and impurities.

– Repeat this gesture until the oil turns milky.

– Then rinse thoroughly with water.

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