Declaration of Cartier, a fragrance of emotions

Declaration of Cartier, a fragrance of emotions
Declaration of Cartier, a fragrance of emotions
Declaration of Cartier, a fragrance of emotions

The masculine fragrance Declaration of Cartier

The statement is a moment of truth used to say the things that matter. Also, Cartier decided to make a perfume for men . It is a juice of emotions. This is a real olfactory journey. It immerses us in the world of the one who loves freedom. In addition, it is described as being an essence evolving with the liking of the skins, thus giving rise to always different emotions.

Declaration, the expression of a strong moment

Cartier is a brand that likes to celebrate those who love each other. Once again, the Declaration perfume clearly plays a role in this register. This one is halfway between happiness and passion. It is a racy and generous fragrance. This one expresses the ardor of destiny in a very fanciful impetus. He lets seduction flourish with enthusiasm.

Moreover, all his love is displayed even on his bottle. Indeed, it displays a cutaway on its front face drawing a heart. This setting of tenderness is slender and slender. Its smooth glass plays with light and unveils the word Declaration with great elegance. Likewise, its metal clasp is very refined and preciously preserves this essence which is almost perceived as being a magic potion.

The masculinity of Cartier perfumes

Declaration is a very manly scent. It starts with a fresh and luminous sensation similar to the liveliness of the morning. This is illustrated through bergamot and orange. Then, his heart transports the senses in the image of a true declaration of love. Indeed, mugwort, cardamom and juniper burst forth like new feelings. Everything then ends on more intimate notes. Vetiver, oakmoss and cedar leave behind a deep and masculine trail.

Finally, musk and birch wood wrap the whole thing with a final touch as captivating as a Declaration.

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