Clinic – Beyond Perfecting

Clinic – Beyond Perfecting
Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation
Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation

For a perfect and flawless complexion all day long, discover the new 2 in 1 foundation

Beyond Perfecting Foundation

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The ideal product for a perfect complexion in fact it can be used as a concealer and as a foundation with perfect coverage and a matte finish. It evens out the complexion and corrects imperfections. Its light formula absorbs excess sebum and provides additional hydration if necessary. Its applicator has been specially designed to apply the right amount of material to the desired location.

For an optimal application:

1 – Take the applicator out of the bottle – you have the perfect dose of material for a complete make-up.

2 – Apply the material on the face as follows with the back of the applicator drop a touch on the forehead, nose and chin. Then with the wide and flat sides of the applicator, deposit material on the cheeks. Finally with the tip of the applicator place a few touches of material under the eyes.

3- Stretch the material keys with your fingertips, from the center to the outside. Pat and press gently under the eyes to place and fix the material. You can then make corrections to a targeted area if necessary with the applicator which still contains enough product.

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