Clinic – Aromatics in Black

Aromatics in Black, the mystery at its peak
Clinic - Aromatics in Black
Clinic – Aromatics in Black

Aromatics in Black like the worthy oriental successor of Aromatics Elixir by Clinique …

The beautiful Aromatics Elixir had seduced by its totally innovative and furiously original composition both in relation to the other perfumes of the 70s and in relation to the refined image of the Clinique cosmetics house. Power and extreme quality of raw materials have made Aromatics Elixir and Clinique an absolutely essential reference in the perfume market.

In addition to its totally intoxicating scented composition, Aromatics Elixir was distinguished in particular by an almost total absence of advertising, which already at the time seemed almost suicidal for the launch of a perfume. Today Aromatics Elixir celebrates its 40th anniversary and the Clinique house, although it has offered other fragrances, has never wanted to deviate from the sobriety of its communication. To discover the beauty of Clinique perfumes, you will have to guess them and want to tame them!

Thus Aromatics in White in 2014 and Aromatics in Black in 2015 were offered in exactly the same way as their illustrious, and now cult, predecessor. Aromatics in Black will be as oriental as Aromatics in White will be tinged with wood and softness, each of them retains its singularity but also the spirit of Aromatics Elixir.

For Aromatics in Black, Clinique has chosen to focus on a powerful and sensual composition focused on the beauty of mysterious and bewitching accords. Aromatics in Black will be highlighted by a refined and sober visual where the orchid and the perfume are linked in a divine nocturnal ball inviting to plunge into the sweet mysteries of this perfume which will not be revealed …

“Aromatics in Black is the new olfactory signature of a unique and enigmatic woman. »Clinic for Aromatics in Black.

Between myrrh, fruits and exotic flowers Aromatics in Black transports us to its wonderful world

How can we imagine that Clinique could stand out from the iconic Aromatics Elixir bottle for this new nocturnal and deep opus? Impossible, especially since the Clinique house insists on the absolute sobriety of its bottles. Aromatics in Black therefore retains the rounded and sensual shape of feminine curves, however, in a natural way, the glass is tinted with a deep black to once again create the surprise of its juice.

Aromatics in Black is first of all invigorating and dynamic thanks to notes of pink grapefruit and Italian bergamot. Then the heart of jasmine, osmanthus and neroli flowers open like a bouquet bathed in light and sensual at will. Finally, the nervous vetiver merges with the gourmet tonka bean to offer a woody trail to this beautiful oriental. Woods that will be deliciously surrounded by a vaporous halo of myrrh letting hover over the woman of Aromatics in Black a mystery that we are burning to discover …

“Lively, spicy, and warm; in the dark, an infinite mystery is revealed. A daring trail of precious myrrh, fruity accords, exotic floral notes, takes you to new irresistible depths. »Clinic for Aromatics in Black.

Clinique dresses its star perfume in a black violet hue for an unparalleled creation, so much more than a perfume

All the spirit of the essential Aromatics Elixir perfume, in a more oriental version, Aromatics in Black awakens your senses and the spirit, it is bewitching with desire, modern, bewitching and magician.

Aromatics in Black by Clinique
Aromatics in Black by Clinique

Fragrance that awakens the senses and reveals the charm of each woman. Aromatics in Black is an Oriental Floral fragrance it opens with notes of fruit, in its heart we find Jasmine and Osmanthus, the base is voluptuous thanks to the accord of myrrh and vetiver.

Olfactory Family: Oriental – Floral

Head Note: Fruits
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Osmanthus
Base Notes: Myrrh, Vetiver

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