Clarins Instant Light Fixing Eye Primer

Clarins Instant Light Fixing Eye Primer
Clarins Instant Light Fixing Eye Primer
Clarins Instant Light Fixing Eye Primer

Improve the hold of your makeup with Clarins Eye Fixing Primer

Clarins is a care brand recognized around the world. Initially, she started out specializing in herbal skin cosmetics. Then, it was not long before she extended her know-how to the make-up department. Today, these two worlds intersect, and there is not a single Clarins make-up product that does not aim to take care of your skin. Clarins Eye Fixing Base has more than one trick up its sleeve. This cream smoothes and unifies the eyelid, improves the hold of your make-up and takes care of your skin over the long term.

Why use an Eye Fixing Primer?

When it comes to makeup, women are used to using a base under their foundation. However, it often abandons their application on the eyelid. Big mistake! Applying a make-up base to the eyelid makes it possible to unify your skin and smooth out small flaws. From then on, the eyelid becomes more uniform. It also helps bring out the pigments in your eyeshadow and improve its hold. Thanks to the fixing base for the eyes, your powder will no longer clump in the creases of your eyes. So your makeup will stay flawless all day long.

The advantages of Clarins Eye Fixing Base

The Fixing Base for the Eyes is not a product like the others, quite simply because it benefits from the expertise of this great renowned brand. It is a real makeup fixer that increases the hold of your eyeshadow while refreshing your eyes. It is a hybrid product between skincare and makeup. The fixing base for Eyes Clarins serves to illuminate and unify the eyelid. Your make-up remains intact from early morning until evening and only becomes more intense. All your little imperfections are corrected. Clarins Eye Fixing Base captures the light and intends to dazzle those around you. Its creamy texture is very comfortable to wear, and the Eye Fixing Base is suitable for all skin types.

Oats at the heart of the Clarins Eye Fixing Base recipe

Like each of the Clarins products, the Fixing Base for the Eyes contains a care active ingredient that sublimates the skin for a long time. Here, oats are in the spotlight. Used for centuries in the basis of food, it was also a product used in traditional medicine, renowned for its fortifying and softening properties. Oats are used in particular to fight against skin dryness, and to soothe sensitive skin. Here it is used to achieve firmer skin. Oats give the Eye Fixing Base an exceptional tightening power. It goes a long way in reducing the bags under your gaze, and will only make you more dazzling, bubbly and awake.

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