Clarins Bronzing Duo Sun Powder

Clarins Bronzing Duo Sun Powder
Clarins Bronzing Duo Sun Powder
Clarins Bronzing Duo Sun Powder

Like a holiday feeling before the hour with the Poudre du Soleil Bronzing Duo by Clarins

The Clarins house is recognized as one of the best beauty brands on the planet. Each of its products, whether cosmetics or make-up, is enriched with natural active ingredients that take care of the skin over the long term. Thus, Clarins does not just put make-up on your face. She sublimates it day by day and tries to preserve your beauty as long as possible. Its Poudre du Soleil Bronzing Duo is not to be outdone. It deposits a delicate powdery and golden veil on your face. Poudre du Soleil Bronzing Duo is the essential product to have a healthy glow all year round and to protect your skin from external aggressions.

La Poudre du Soleil Bronzing Duo, the secret to a sunny glow

As its name suggests, the Poudre du Soleil Bronzing Duo aims to warm up your complexion, as if you were coming back from vacation. Now, your face will display a radiant and natural tan all year round! The Poudre du Soleil Bronzing Duo comes in a small makeup palette and brings together different colored shades. It comes in three variations, so as to get as close as possible to your skin tone. The idea is not to transform your skin but simply to deposit some subtle golden nuances on it. Its light texture offers the effect of pretty tanned and nude skin all day long. The Powder Bronzing Duo Sunis the ideal product for all fans of lightness and transparency. These two powders are nuanced at will by mixing. They modulate and simply give you a good look.

The treatment contained in Poudre du Soleil Bronzing Duo

At the same time, to protect your skin from daily aggressions, the Powder of the Sun Bronzing Duo contains green tea and white tea extract. A true elixir of youth, it is produced in China and was once considered a drink of immortality. White tea does not undergo any fermentation process. After drying, it acts directly on your skin. Thus, all its qualities are preserved. This powerful antioxidant makes it possible in particular to fight against free radicals. It thus prevents aging of the skin.

Our tips for use

Clarins - Bronzing Duo Sun PowderThe Powder of the Sun Bronzing Duo can be used in two ways. On the one hand, for a uniform result, you just have to mix these two shades and apply them all over the face. This gives a healthy glow. At the same time, the Poudre du Soleil Bronzing Duo can also sculpt the face. In this case, start by using its darker shade to mark the bulging areas of your skin like the chin, forehead, nose and cheekbones. Contrast these parts of your face with the others, by applying the lighter powder to them.

Clarins – Bronzing Duo Sun Powder

Clarins announces the arrival of a new mineral duo sun powder for this summer 2012.

Bronzing Duo Mineral Sun Powder

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Bronzing Duo gently warms the complexion all year round with a very natural golden tan. Its formula combines the benefits of plants with the purity of minerals for a perfect affinity with the skin. The harmonies available are composed of two intensities of color, fading and nuancing as desired to modulate the sun effect.

Sun Powder Bronzing Duo 100% Mineral Screen
Sun Powder Bronzing Duo 100% Mineral Screen

Mix the 2 shades for a guaranteed healthy glow. To further sculpt the face, sweep the most tanned shade with a large brush, where the sun hits naturally: chin, forehead, nose and the rounded cheekbones.Mineral Sunlight Complex: combination of mineral pigments for the purity and radiance of the color and sun-kissed pearls with golden and copper highlights to warm the skin.
“Light Optimizing +” complex: captures, diffuses and instantly amplifies light. Fine lines and small imperfections are visibly erased. The complexion is uniform, luminous.
Micropatch® Vegetal: maintains hydration, comfort and suppleness of the skin.
Triple protection: anti-pollution with white tea extract, anti-free radical with crowberry extract and vitamin E, anti UVA-UVB with 100% mineral SPF 15 sun filter.

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