Ck One Summer 2018, new Calvin Klein fragrance

Ck One Summer 2018, new Calvin Klein fragrance
Ck One Summer 2018, new Calvin Klein fragrance
Ck One Summer 2018, new Calvin Klein fragrance

Calvin Klein lifts the veil on the summer 2018 version of CK One

Born in the middle of the 90s, in full transparent wave and in full androgynous current, CK One quickly became one of the bestsellers of the Calvin Klein brand. Social perfume, it is addressed to all authentic individuals, in agreement with themselves and with others. Since 2004, this cult essence has been reinterpreted in limited editions for each summer . If the sunny days are still far away, Calvin Klein has decided to embody the spring season ahead of time and has therefore just lifted the veil on its next CK One Summer 2018.

CK One Summer 2018 has a new bottle

Let’s take a closer look at the new bottle of CK One Summer 2018… If its predecessors were often loaded with many colors, CK One Summer 2018 decided to go straight to the point and is fully tinted with a blue lacquer, also present on its cardboard packaging. It must be said that there is no color more universal than this one. The blue evokes the azure sky of summer or the sea which opens the horizons. It is a shade closely related to dreams, wisdom and serenity.

Note also that blue is the favorite color of Westerners. As it refers to water, it is a symbol of life. All these elements make it a very popular color and already foreshadows the universal reach of CK One Summer 2018. What’s more, CK One Summer 2018 offers itself a little eccentricity. It comes with a self-adhesive label pack containing photographs of Connor Franta, an American Youtuber and entrepreneur, as well as logos drawn by designer Raf Simons. In other words, CK One Summer 2018 completely gives you the possibility to personalize your bottle. With it, you have the assurance of owning a unique model of this perfume.

CK One Summer 2018 focuses on exoticism

Like all the juices making up the CK One Summer collection, the 2018 version is a real call to travel. He evokes sharing and has in him a very festive spirit. As such, it begins with the smell of one of the most famous cocktails of the summer: the mojito! It smells of lemon and lime and thus begins with a very fresh and invigorating flight. His heart, meanwhile, metamorphoses into a more floral breath. White flowers combine with fruity accents of pineapple and guava. For a bit and it almost feels like on an exotic beach sipping a cocktail!

The recipe for CK One Summer 2018 continues with a more milky and creamy sensation brought by the coconut milk. Finally, the whole is structured by a base of cedar wood which gives it more depth. With CK One Summer 2018, it’s time to party and vacation, something to make you dream and wait until summer arrives.

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